iPhone 1.1.4 Fix: Safari Can’t Remember Password

 greader-remember me

For those iphoners who unlocked their iphones by iPlus, they should have the same problem as i do.

The reason is because the user ‘mobile’ under which Safari is running has no permission to save the cookies.

And the fix is pretty easy, run chmod -R 777 /private/var/mobile/Library/Cookies on the iphone by Term-v100 or Putty.

Source: Hackint0sh.

4 thoughts on “iPhone 1.1.4 Fix: Safari Can’t Remember Password”

  1. I am trying to use this fix using Term-V100 but I cannot get past the request for a login and password. Where do I get those?

  2. i’m sorry so far i don know exactly how to reset password for you. You may try a restore if you really has none of other choices.

    good luck.

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