UCWEB: A Wap Browser for iPhone

I’ve been waiting for an iphone edition WAP browser for a long time. Today i just happened to get it: UCWEB.

ucweb browser for iphone

Of course it can do a lot of things, Nek has made a good summery for us here. Quote part here:

1. WEB and WML webpage browsing
2. WiFi, CMWAP(only in China), CMNET access
4. upload and download files
5. search
6. address

For me, the most wonderfully thing is exactly what it’s designed to be: browsing wap sites on the iphone. I myself actually use Google Reader on Safari for the daily news, and Safari does work fine for me most of time, but in the worktime, i do need to visit some wap sites a little. That’s always been my headache when coming to it.

Now it’s come to the end,finally. Cheers 🙂

BTW, the source for UCWEB iphone edition is http://wap.ucweb.com/iphone/UCWEB.plist. And its offcial forum is here(in Chinese)

Update(Feb.26,2009): To answer antonioj’s question, here’s the how-to(from left to right):

Menu(菜单)->FrequentlyUsed(常用)Bookmark This Page(加入书签)Bookmark Save(保存书签)

To access the bookmarks, click the yellow star icon in the upper left corner as the picture shows below:

Access Bookmarks(访问书签)

Update(Feb.27,2009): Besides, the UCWEB install source for Cydia has been updated to http://wap.ucweb.com/iphone/cydia, as antonioj said.

Update(Sep.21,2009): The latest UCWEB is 6.7beta which I’ve talked about here.

12 thoughts on “UCWEB: A Wap Browser for iPhone”

  1. antonioj,sorry for the late reply.and i’ve updated the post to answer your question, pls check it out. It’s illustrated by screenshots, so should be easy to figure it out.

    any questions, just let me know.

  2. it’s developed by a group of talented Chinese. You may take a look their webiste here. It’s in English but not as fully detailed as the Chinese one.

    As to the GUI, well, for me, it’s fine. Even though the whole UI style is not so apple-like, it does work well. Why not try it out yourself first and then share what you feel here

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