On 2.2.1 Now

Yesterday i’ve updated my iphone from firmware 2.2 to the latest firmware 2.2.1. Then JBed it by QuickPwn 2.5 by Dev-Team. Everything works fine, even several of my favorite 3rd-party apps for firmware 2.2 still can be able to be running very well, like iCosta 2.2 PinYin , OpenSSH + BossPref, and UCWeb 6.

2.2.1 is said to fix some bugs and make Safari more stable, well, that’s what they said. Perhaps one day of 2.2.1 experience is not enough for me to point it out.

2 thoughts on “On 2.2.1 Now”

  1. Hello . You can help me ?
    My friend go to the Beijing, but friend can’t speak Chineise language. i want download to the Iphone 3g offline map Beijing . Do you know, where i can download offline google map for iphone and route if exist ?

  2. Danek, sorry, i don know either.
    Even if there’s a download link somewhere, most likely it’ll be in Chinese. Will it help? guess not.
    Perhaps you can try to make one by following this instructions by MacTalk. I myself am really out of time recently, so sorry.

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