China Unicom: iPhone is Here,Finally

News by Sina: 详讯:联通明日发布苹果iPhone手机事宜

It said China Unicom will announce the coming of iPhone tomorrow, i.e, Aug.28 of 2009. The exact date that customer can get the phone would be in someday of Oct. The model would be iPhone 3G 8G and 16G, while 3GS has been delayed until perhaps Oct. And the price would be lower than the unofficial price of related iPhone 3G which is currently 8G by 3000RMB(439USD) and 16G by 4000RMB(586USD).

It also mentioned China Unicom has spent 10 billion RMB(1.46 billion USD) to get 5 million iphones from Apple, who has given up the revenue-sharing-contract model in this deal.

Unfortunately the imported iPhone has been ‘customized’: No wifi module, no iTunes and App Store applications.

So the question is: would you buy it?

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