WordPress 3.0 And This Site

Currently I’m pretty eagerly looking forward to the release of WordPress 3.0. You know why? Because I’m gonna make some adjustments to this site which I prefer to be done by the new 3.0.

To be exact about the changes, First I’ll transfer my previous(and future,actually) posts on Cui’s Space to a sub-domain of this site say: zh.cuimengsuo.com(You ask how? Well, don’t worry, that’s already been taken care of). Then I’ll add two more sub-sites here: rong.cuimengsuo.com for my wife who’s gonna write something she’s interested there; and tao.cuimengsuo.com for my lovely swearheart daughter Taotao where all her previous photos would be placed(most likely it would be a job of redirection to the current gallery).

Now you see the core part of my need is the support to multiple blogs in the same and one and current WordPress installation(you know I’m lazy to find another solution), which is exactly what I can benefit from the merge of  the WordPress and WordPress MU. And I know the release date is in Apr. 2010. Most importantly until now I know the development is still on schedule through this official report.

And I’m counting down.

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