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I’m not as cool as the photo above shows, but I do have my own likes and dislikes.

I’m not gonna change the world or something, but I’ll do my best to make my family members happy,esp. my sweetheart daughter Taotao.

I’m not a programming expert, not an LAMP/Mac professional and not as young as teens, but I do love the cool tech, the iPhone and ready to learn anything that interest me.

I’m not an English speaker,no en-writing training accepted, and no abroad living experience, but that cannot stop me from listening the Western music,watching Hollywood movies and blogging on this site from time to time.

I’m not gonna add one more ‘I’m not’ sentence, but I’ll tell you my name and city: Cui Mengsuo(崔孟锁) in Beijing, China(LinkedIn profile here).


Wanna know what iPhone means to me? Please read this.

Wanna know more about me, please check out my Google Profile here where you can learn what I’m reading and thinking recently by Google Buzz(Cui) and Google Reader Share(Cui). You can read Chinese? Good, please read Cui’s Space.

Finally wanna reach me? Please email cuimengsuo-at-gmail-dot-com.

Update(June 23, 2010): Cui’s space has been migrated to the new address: http://cuiziqi.com/cui.

Update(Sep.14,2010): Older posts, before I started here, can be found here and here.

5 thoughts on “About Me”

  1. how much do you charge for unlocking the phone. mine is unlock but i want to reload the 1.4 version. i am still on 1.3 but it used ziphone to unlock and there are a lot of features that cannot be used.
    can i send it to you? how much do you charge ?

  2. sorry i dont know if it sent. i wat to send this email again. my phone is unlocked using ziphone iunlock i think , i asked my friend to do it, but thee are lot i cannot use like the push yahoo. and i am using 1.3 version also. now i would like to try what you told me do you think i can have you reload the 1.4 version and using your unlock program? how much do you charge?
    where are you located in beijing?

  3. hi,polly

    sorry for the late reply.

    i can unlock your phone for free, just the same as i did to one of my iphone friends 🙂

    read my email for further details,please.

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