Mobile Firefox Alpha 2 Released

(from official site)

With this release, i expect mobile firefox would be much closer to the day of firefox running on the iphone, even though there’s already a saying of that would not happen due to the restriction of Apple’s SDK.

But, people like me who would love to make it happen, just make our voice out and loud and then get heard.

Who knows what will happen, eventually.

Install Addons on Firefox 3 Beta 3

I just updated my firefox 3b2 to 3b3 this morning. After reading this review by MozillaLinks, guess you will do the same as i did 🙂

However, there’s problem coming: i can’t use my previous addons which i really rely on so much. After some googling I finally got this cool Nightly Tester Tools from here.

I installed it immediately. Then i went to ‘Tools’->’Add-ons’ dialog, find the ‘Nightly Tester Tools’ on ‘Extensions’ tab, Click ‘Options’ and navigate to ‘Add-ons’ to ‘Disable add-on compatibility checking’ and then restart firefox.
nto-disable checking

It’s time foryou to get all of your those favorite addons back now. Enjoy.

Mobile Firefox Touch Screen UI Design Published

mobile firefox by mozilla linksiphone safari

It seems the designers have done a very deep research and study on iphone’s Safari. ‘Coz the whole layout of the browser window is very similar to Safari’s,  from the top address bar, the middle main browser window, to the bottom toolbar.

Sure it’s just a spec and very far from a product yet. However, it’s a real first step anyway, just as Mozilla Links says so. So I feel excited about it ‘coz it means my dream of seeing firefox on iphone comes closer than before.

Say Goodbye To Firefox 2

Yes, I really don wanna go back to firefox 2. But there are some add-ons i really need there. So what should i do?

After some googling i got this work-around today. I tried immediately by adding the boolean “extensions.checkCompatibility” with the value of “false”. Then restart my firefox.

You know what? Oops, it works! At least most of my favourite add-ons are working now, including, ABP, IE Tab, Foxyproxy, Search Status and Forecastfox. Then from now on I will stay at firefox 3 for sure, even it it’s still in beta. Tons of positive reviews plus my personal experience push me make the choice.

We all know in the end those add-ons will be definitely upgraded to be compatible with firefox 3. for now I just can’t wait.  How about you?:-)

Update(Feb.17,2008): if you are now in firefox 3 beta 3, just as i am, you may check out my new post here on how to make your favorite add-ons working there.

Expecting Firefox 3 Beta 2

I myself has been trying firefox 3 beta 1 all the time since it’s released on Nov.19th. As to my experience, memory management has been improved a lot. I did try to keep the browser running the whole day and i did find it never took more than 100MB memory allocation. I’m pretty well satisfied.

Now beta 2 is around the corner. As said, easier to use, faster and less memory usage are the key improving aspects. Wow, just cann’t wait to try it out.

And guess I would not go back to Firefox 2, too, if those of my previously installed add-ons could be upgraded to work under Firefox 3.

Update(Nov 19th,2007): It’s released today. Get it by Help->Check for updates... in Firefox 3 Beta 1.

Firefox 3 Beta 2

Opera Mini 4

I’ve talked Mobile Firefox before, and I’ve been using Safari on my iPhone for a while.
And in my perspective, a full web browsing experience in the relatively small-sized screen mobile phone is well worth of a try anyway, esp for those whose phones could support kinda of installations.

Now it’s time. Opera Mini 4 is free to download.

I don have such a phone to try out. So if you do, don forget to share what you feel about it.

P.S. I do love this picture from Opera site.