Chasing iPhone 2? Perhaps.

iPhone 2 DOES has some new features which is really attractive to me, like native support to Chinese in Email and IME, like GPS, etc. Exchange support, not so much. I have no plan to use personal my iPhone to check those company emails.

Even though so far the 3-rd party apps cannot be allowed to be running, I’m pretty sure it’s a matter of time. I do have a strong belief on those very talented guys in the community like the iPhone Dev Team, even I have completely no idea of who they are, where they come from and how they look like.

Perhaps, I should start thinking of reselling my iPhone, just like everyone else. The best target is someone here in Beijing,China.

Actually my iPhone works pretty good in every functionality. No physical damage at all. If you decide to get it you will also have my full support in my convenient time. Software only,btw.

Say Goodbye To Firefox 2

Yes, I really don wanna go back to firefox 2. But there are some add-ons i really need there. So what should i do?

After some googling i got this work-around today. I tried immediately by adding the boolean “extensions.checkCompatibility” with the value of “false”. Then restart my firefox.

You know what? Oops, it works! At least most of my favourite add-ons are working now, including, ABP, IE Tab, Foxyproxy, Search Status and Forecastfox. Then from now on I will stay at firefox 3 for sure, even it it’s still in beta. Tons of positive reviews plus my personal experience push me make the choice.

We all know in the end those add-ons will be definitely upgraded to be compatible with firefox 3. for now I just can’t wait.  How about you?:-)

Update(Feb.17,2008): if you are now in firefox 3 beta 3, just as i am, you may check out my new post here on how to make your favorite add-ons working there.

What iPhone Means For Me

First, of course, it’s mobile phone, by which I send/receive calls to/from my family, friends and others.

Second, it’s connection point, by which i do start to get to know someone that i never have a chance to know in real life. And that feels good. Actually, for those who for whatever reason just happens to be here, I’d like to know you. And if any info here can help, that would be great. If not, you just can leave a comment or email and i’ll talk to you later. Actually i’ve made some friends by online and offline contacts already 🙂 🙂

Third, it’s cool gadget, something like if you own it, you are standing at the frontier of the electronic age, even though i’m taught to be low-profile from the beginning. Actually i love new things and i salute to those who make new things that deserves a call of ‘a revolution product’ like Apple and Google.