Will Opera Mini Comes to iPhone, Finally?

I’m a fan of Firefox all along, at least in the desktop side. And I do wish one day I could have a Firefox mobile version in my iPhone, for a long time.But Apple has turned my down on this already.

I’m  not saying how poor the built-in default Safari browser behaviors in the iphone, actually it does do a pretty good job in stability and user interface. However, since I’ve been already benefiting much from the plugin mechanism that Firefox desktop edition supports for a while, I know Safari could be able to possibly do a better job.

Giving customer  more choices is not always a bad thing. Good product wins in the end, I believe. Time proves. Obviously in this point, Apple disagrees.

Now comes Opera Mini iPhone edition. But Will Apple approve it?(ZDNet), though iPhone owners may likely embrace it for its 5 improvements(PCWorld).

I hope the answer is yes, but I doubt, really. Wait and see.

Anyway, I’ve give you some alternatives. If you need WAP browsing, file downloading and some other things, please install UCWeb, a popular mobile browser developed by a Chinese company UC. If you can’t read Chinese, please try Wapzilla, MyMedia instead.

China Unicom: iPhone is Here,Finally

News by Sina: 详讯:联通明日发布苹果iPhone手机事宜

It said China Unicom will announce the coming of iPhone tomorrow, i.e, Aug.28 of 2009. The exact date that customer can get the phone would be in someday of Oct. The model would be iPhone 3G 8G and 16G, while 3GS has been delayed until perhaps Oct. And the price would be lower than the unofficial price of related iPhone 3G which is currently 8G by 3000RMB(439USD) and 16G by 4000RMB(586USD).

It also mentioned China Unicom has spent 10 billion RMB(1.46 billion USD) to get 5 million iphones from Apple, who has given up the revenue-sharing-contract model in this deal.

Unfortunately the imported iPhone has been ‘customized’: No wifi module, no iTunes and App Store applications.

So the question is: would you buy it?

Activate and Jailbreak iPhone OS 3.0 Beta 3 by Unoffical QuickPwn 3.0

Yeah, I’m on the latest OS 3.0 beta 3(iPhone1,1_3.0_7A280f_Restore.ipsw, go to mybittorrent and search for it) right now already 🙂

Credits goes to the Russian hacker who released the QuickPwn-030-3, by which you can activate and jailbreak the latest beta 3 OS.

My way to the beta 3 was not as smooth as expected, however.

The first time I shift+restore the phone to the beta 3 surely worked. But the problem was when it’s done I couldn’t get it out of the DFU mode. Really weird.

So I had to do the whole things again. and this time I was lucky. It worked.

BTW, in order to not to let the phone activated by the iTunes when first time the phone was connected to the computer just after the restore process, I chose to take the SIM card out all the time. I have no idea if it will work if keeping the SIM in.

Good luck.

My iPhone OS 3.0 Installation Experience

Not as easy as i expected, actually. But finally, i made it.

There ARE some discussions in the Dev Team community on this topic here, where I learned the confirmed fact that the first generation iphone could be updated to the latest iPhone OS 3.0 safely. In summary, the basic steps are: DFU downgrade to 2.0.2, pwn it(unlock) by QuickPwnRC2, then UPDATE to iPhone OS 3.0. Done.

So this afternoon i decided to give it a try(I know it’s in beta and buggy, but its new features(official version here) are really attractive, esp. just after i watched the presentation).

Some screenshots below, to give you an idea of what the latest iPhone OS 3.0 will look like.


Now let’s back to the topic of how I managed to get there.

But before that, let me explain where I am: firmware 2.2.1, iTunes 8.1, and an very old iphone(BL 3.9, 4G capacity).

I first downgraded the phone to 2.0.2 in DFU mode(here’s the youtube how-to video in case you need it). Then I downloaded QuickPwnRC2.zip(download link). Until now, everything is fine. But when I launch QuickPwnRC2.exe to start pwning, the problem came.

I stucked in the ‘select firmware’ screen.  I tried re-downgrade, find another QuickPwnRC2 download link , but no luck.

I then decided to give QuickPwnRC3 a try(‘coz at least someone said it worked too). Of course the pwnage process went successfully as expected.Then I shift+update to iPhone OS 3.0(iPhone1,1_3.0_7A238j_Restore.ipsw, torrent file(3G OS 3.0 included as well) here: http://tinyurl.com/chycn5).

And here came the ‘unexpected surprise'(‘coz most guys said RC2, not RC3,is the real magic): my iPhone, with OS 3.0 installed, kept activated 🙂 🙂

But I just celebrated too early. ‘Coz when I started to rename the phone(untitled playlist to Cui) and hit enter to confirm, the phone suddenly rebooted. And after it came alive, the screen  became the emgercy-call one, which means I failed: activation is needed 🙁 🙁

Even though i don have a backup phone, and normally I used my phone most in the Monday, I still wanna give it a second try. By it, i mean, QuickPwnRC3. At that time, i thought perhaps I would make it after the first failed DFU-downgrade-then-upgrade try. You know, I do had similar experience before in the unlocking steps..

So I put the phone into DFU mode again, downgrade to 2.0.2, then make QuickPwnRC3 to unlock the phone(actually the phone has been keeping unlocked all over. Here choose unlock is actually to take use of RC3’s activation actions). Then launch iTunes and shift-update to iPhone OS 3.0.

The iPhone kept activated and unlocked when done, not surprisingly. Then I synced with iTunes after announcing it as a new phone. Sync finished successfully. I then played a little on the new OS. Well, features are there. sweet. Just some functions, sometime, are a little bit slow. Well, beta, understandable, right?

In the end, I thought perhaps I should try a reboot and see if this time the phone would be locked or not. I then pressed the on/off key, slide to power off, waited the spinning icon going off for a while, then power it on, wait until the spring board launched.

Now guess what? No emergency-call screen, just down to the home screen! Yeah! I’m done! Cheers!!  🙂

So, if you wanna do the upgrade yourself, please make sure your phone is the 2G version. and you’re fully prepared.

Good luck.

iPhone 3.0: ‘This Summer’

iPhone OS 3.0 is coming. There ARE really lots of exciting features announced by Apple, like MMS, Cut’n’Paste, Universal Search, blablabla. CNet has a detailed list here. Very nice.

Among all of those, sure the Copy, Cut and Paste is what I want most. MMS as the second. But it says MMS is for iPhone 3G ONLY, due to ‘a different ratio‘ that iPhone 2G may not support.

That’s weird, really, ‘coz the 3rd party app SwirlyMMS has already support for MMS in the iPhone 2G for almost years. Anyway, I’m pretty sure someone will fix it for us 🙂

Apple says the iPhone OS 3.0 will come to us in ‘this summer’. Are you looking forward to its coming?

I am.

On 2.2.1 Now

Yesterday i’ve updated my iphone from firmware 2.2 to the latest firmware 2.2.1. Then JBed it by QuickPwn 2.5 by Dev-Team. Everything works fine, even several of my favorite 3rd-party apps for firmware 2.2 still can be able to be running very well, like iCosta 2.2 PinYin , OpenSSH + BossPref, and UCWeb 6.

2.2.1 is said to fix some bugs and make Safari more stable, well, that’s what they said. Perhaps one day of 2.2.1 experience is not enough for me to point it out.

Learn Mobile News via mobile.ie

Just got a notification email announcing the launch of this cool site: mobile.ie. Here’s the brief intro:

Mobile.ie is a website dedicated to keeping you up to date with all the news and buzz in the world of mobile technology. Mobile devices and services are steadily shaping up the world we live. As I’m sure you’ll know new devices bring better technology, making us more mobile than ever before. Our goal is to keep you in the front row of the upcoming revolution. We’ll give our best to cover all the important news.

It seems the site is powered by WordPress, same with this site. Besides, the theme is very simple, exactly that kinda of my favorite style. Cool!

About the content, the slogan says all – absolute mobile. If you wanna learn about the latest cool and new mobile devices, mobile.ie is the one you should bookmark or subscribe. To name a few, iPhone,Android,BlackBerry blablabla. Even though there are not so many reviews so far, each of the reviews is in high quality and worth of your time.

Only one thing, it’s not optimized for iPhone so far. Perhaps, mobile.ie could take use of iWPhone plugin for that, the one I’m using now.

iPhone 2.1: First Impression

Just update my phone to the latest 2.1 OS(download link,for 2G only), after confirmed by the community that the upgrade won’t brick my quickpwned 2.0.2 iphone.
Due to the short time that i’ve been playing with the phone, i haven’t got the chance to fully experience all of those improvements myself yet.
But i do find couple of things different(See my screenshots below):
1. Newly designed icon for the EDGE signal.
much bold and clear than before.
2. Newly added Carrier item.
Guess the mobile service provider’s name is supposed be shown there. As to my case, the reason why it’s Carrier 2.6 and not the correct China Mobile is this is an unlocked phone. Here’s a discussion which may tell you why couple of days later.
3. Identity name on the computer changed, from Apple iPhone to the phone’s name that you give to. Don’t know how to change the name? check this out.
iphone's new name on 'my computer'

4. Contacts search goes much much faster.

Well, that’s all that i’ve found about the new iphone 2.1 OS so far. Perhaps later I’ll get more. If so, i’ll update it here.

One more thing, at this moment, there’s no jailbreak solution out for the new OS. That is to say, you do the upgrade, you lose all of those unofficial 3rd party applications installed either by Installer or Cydia. So you decide to update or not.

Update(Sep.17,2008): Significantly better battery life confirmed.

Wikipedia Is Live Now In China

just learned from Xianguo Iphone(in Chinese) that the GFW-long-blocked Wikipedia has come to live. I tried the English and Chinese version and both work well.
The reason? I’m not sure, perhaps it’s because the around-the-corner Olympic Games.

Even though the access to the internet has proved still not completely open and free, those very knowledge intensive websites like wikipedia have got the chances of being unblocked by the government, at least during Games.

and here’s the screenshot.


btw,this post is created by WordPress App for iPhone, and modified later by WP’s built-in editor.