Unlock Method Check

Extremly useful when you have no idea of how your iphone was unlocked before and you’re really wanna keep your toy up to date so that you could take advantage of those cool features.

And here’s how-to(source from both hackintosh and elite-team site):

1. Download sendmodem.zip from elite-team site.
2. Copy it to iphone’s /bin/ by WinSCP or iBrickr or whatever you like.
3. Allow the tool to be run by issuing this command  chmod -x /bin/sendmodem under putty or other Terminal client 
4. Run this: sendmodem “AT+XSIMSTATE=1”

Result explaination:

  • +XLOCK: “PN”,4,0,”PU”,5,0,”PP”,5,0,”PC”,5,0,”PS”,5,0

Your iphone was unlocked with anysim1.02, iUnlock, unlock.app, hardware unlock… you have to revirginize before you update!!

  • +XLOCK: “PN”,5,0,”PU”,5,0,”PP”,5,0,”PC”,5,0,”PS”,5,0

it was unlocked with IPSF you can update without revirginize

  • +XLOCK: “PN”,1,0,”PU”,5,0,”PP”,5,0,”PC”,5,0,”PS”,5,0

it was unlocked with anySIM1.1.

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