Unlock Tips for Chinese

1.firmware version check

Dial *3001#1234#* on the Emergency call.

2.Wifi and iTunes

Make sure Wifi is available. Of course, you can also use iBrickr 0.91(Download) to install the applications mentioned below, if you really don have a Wifi environment around.

Also, make sure you use the right version of iTunes. For example, if your firmware is 1.1.4, you have to use iTunes 7.6.

3.restore and unlock

If you wanna do the restore by choosing the firmware file you downloaded, use Shift+Restore trick on iTunes. If necessary, try DFU mode( here’s more terms and explanations by Hackint0sh).

As to unlocking, wow, tons of materials on the internet. Use google please to get what you want. If you are lost, you can contact me.

4.install iCosta

Add http://iphone.freecoder.orge/rep to your Installer‘s Source and then install the right version of iCosta from Categories->Localization. Reboot the iphone and you are done.

5.some setting adjustments for local

Settings->Date&Time: Beijing,China, Settings->International->Asias Font:Chinese, Settings->Auto-Brightness:Off, Settings->Sounds: All Off except Calendar Alerts and Lock Sounds(my choice, yours up to you);

Weather: add your local city and change the display unit from F to C.

6. install other useful apps, like SimPort, SMSD, weDict, WikiTouch etc to suit you own needs.

7. done. You have the coolest toy on the planet now. Congratulations!!

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