Google Phone vs. iPhone: Your choice?

Google’s Phone finally confirmed. Here’s the collected info about the gPhone.

  • Timeline: Release within a year.
  • Product: C++ core and optimized for Java.
  • Price: No subscription fee. Ad placed instead.
  • Functions: Google apps seamlessly boundled for sure.
  • Storage: zero GB. Purely for internet.
  • Keypad: QWERTY.
  • Designed by : SamSung.
  • ..

Possibly photoshoped picture from ZDNet.
Google Phone Prototype

One more from Engaget.

It’s too early to make the decision. But given the known infomation, for me, I still prefer iPhone.

Reason? Simple: iPhone’s unique user experience, like pintch and scroll. And i love it. So far I can t see any clues that Swith( name of Google Phone) could beyone that.

Your choice?

YouTube Failed in iPhone

First, I m in Beijing, China.

Second, there’s no EDGE here(even if iPhone could be unlocked).

Third, my iPhone activated through DVD Jon‘s hack can surf the web via wifi in both home and office.

I’ve googled around for the clause, but got little.

One possible reason is that YouTube needs EDGE. Only can YouTube work under EDGE?! I doubt that.

Another reason is about how iPhone is activted. It’s said Jon’s hack that disable YouTube function. To be confirmed so far. Leave a message if you know something,please.

Update (Sep.15):
1. Beijing does has EDGE service which is still in trial.
2. YouTube works or not has nothing to do with the way iphone connects to internet.
After a little hack my YouTube now can do everything except playing the video in both WiFi and EDGE mode.

Today Is Our Marriage Day

Sep.12 – the day we two got the formal marriage certificate from Chaoyang No.1 Marriage Registration Office located in Jinsong Center Street(劲松中街), is one of the most important days in my life.

Even though we actually have been living together for about 3 years just as a real couple does, i still felt a little excited, even nervous, when i was signing my name on the paper. Anyway, our marriage now are legalized.

About the wedding ceremony, so far we has no plan on it. 'Coz we think it boring and exhausting. Perhaps we will replace with a warmer and closer and facier one(sth like the one in the western movies, you know, the church, close friends. for this time, perhaps then transfer to a bar. who knows?).. Wait and see.

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Photo For Marriage Certificate Taken Today!

It's a big day today, 'coz we two finally decided to start preparations for the coming wedding. and the first step is to take photo which will be used on the marrirage certificate.

So this morning we got up so early, even earlier than in the workdays, and headed for the top photographic studio – Zhongguo Zhaoxiang, located in the most well-known street in China: WangFuJing.

The photographer IS professional. He's about 40 yrs old and he kept on adjusting our attitudes for a better- to-best view including our smiles. He finally took 3 times and gave us a recommendation.

Well, after a careful watch, we agreed with him and chose the one we both had a very sunshine smile on face. We both love it!

Just leave a post here to keep such a siginificant moment for us in our lives. and thx to for providing this perfect place to me.

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