GWT in iPhone is Blocked in China

Not just in the Wifi network as shown in the screenshot left, same in CMCC’s cellular network. That’s why I guess it’s blocked by the  famous GFW.

And I don’t know exactly when GWT started becoming unavailable here in Beijing. I don’t know the reason either. Not mention when it will come back.

But I won’t leave Google Reader for that, since I’m addicting to the Buzz right now, who’s tightly integrated with Google Reader’s Share feature.

In the meantime, I’d like to trying some more native news client like NYTimes, Time Mobile and infzm(Chinese, App Store), ‘coz they can provide a better reading experience.

My Fix: Cydia’s Host Unreachable Error

Cyida became unusable last week here in my case, just after I restored to the firmware 3.1.3. Whenever I tried to do some updates on it, I always got the error message of ‘Host Unreachable‘ and related blablabla. Even the official one is no luck. BTW, All this happened in my two Wifi avaiable spots: office and home(I didn’t try in the cellular network, ‘Coz I don wanna run the application that way).

The solution is actually easy, just remove those bad URLs who causes this errors. As to why even the offcial is reported as bad url(Manage->Add Source), please don’t ask me.

But how to remove?

In my case(just after a fresh restore), a USB solution is the only choice, either DiskAid or 91 Assisant Suite for iPhone, as far as I know.

I will not choose 91, because I know it will install its daemon on the device and that’s conflict with my power-saving principle(daemon as few as possible). Please help me to confirm that I’m right here, ‘Coz I assume DiskAid uses the already installed and running jailbreak demons which I’m not sure what it is and if it’s ok to toggle off.

OK, now please launch your DiskAid with iphone connected and check to clear up the following things:


Remove all the existed unavailable sources(lists and downloaded packages) accordingly. For me, I removed all(Make your decision here, please, since I just wanna a quick and dirty solution).

Now launch Cydia and manually add the sources you want. Here’s mine until now(see, the official one is deletable as well.Actually I did try some other sources, but all reported as bad.):

There maybe some cons that I haven’t realized yet, to my quick and dirty solution, so please share with me if you know more by the comments.

Anyway, I’ve got what I want(iCostaPY 3.0, Cycorder and 91进程管理) from Cydia, and I’m a happy Cydia user now.

WordPress 3.0 And This Site

Currently I’m pretty eagerly looking forward to the release of WordPress 3.0. You know why? Because I’m gonna make some adjustments to this site which I prefer to be done by the new 3.0.

To be exact about the changes, First I’ll transfer my previous(and future,actually) posts on Cui’s Space to a sub-domain of this site say: ask how? Well, don’t worry, that’s already been taken care of). Then I’ll add two more sub-sites here: for my wife who’s gonna write something she’s interested there; and for my lovely swearheart daughter Taotao where all her previous photos would be placed(most likely it would be a job of redirection to the current gallery).

Now you see the core part of my need is the support to multiple blogs in the same and one and current WordPress installation(you know I’m lazy to find another solution), which is exactly what I can benefit from the merge of  the WordPress and WordPress MU. And I know the release date is in Apr. 2010. Most importantly until now I know the development is still on schedule through this official report.

And I’m counting down.

Will Opera Mini Comes to iPhone, Finally?

I’m a fan of Firefox all along, at least in the desktop side. And I do wish one day I could have a Firefox mobile version in my iPhone, for a long time.But Apple has turned my down on this already.

I’m  not saying how poor the built-in default Safari browser behaviors in the iphone, actually it does do a pretty good job in stability and user interface. However, since I’ve been already benefiting much from the plugin mechanism that Firefox desktop edition supports for a while, I know Safari could be able to possibly do a better job.

Giving customer  more choices is not always a bad thing. Good product wins in the end, I believe. Time proves. Obviously in this point, Apple disagrees.

Now comes Opera Mini iPhone edition. But Will Apple approve it?(ZDNet), though iPhone owners may likely embrace it for its 5 improvements(PCWorld).

I hope the answer is yes, but I doubt, really. Wait and see.

Anyway, I’ve give you some alternatives. If you need WAP browsing, file downloading and some other things, please install UCWeb, a popular mobile browser developed by a Chinese company UC. If you can’t read Chinese, please try Wapzilla, MyMedia instead.

Watch 2010 CCTV Spring Festival Gala on iPhone

As reported(Chinese),  people can watch the coming 2010 CCTV Spring Festival Gala on their iPhone by CNTV‘s CCTV Mobile iPhone application, which I’ve talked before.  Screen shot above is captured at the time of writing.

Though the report did mentioned that Apple has agreed to give this application a big recommendation on its homepage(no clue on exactly which one, AppStore or somewhere else?), at least until now I haven’t seen it on neither of them.

Anyway, if you are not be able to watch this traditional party show via TV or PC, perhaps you can give this application[iTunes Store] a try, though personally I’ve been spending less and less time on the gala year by year.

Symbian Platform Becomes Open Source Now

A piece of important news in the mobile field,  though not related to iPhone but does attract my attention:  Symbian becomes open source now(by phonescoop). Check out the offcial FAQ and Get Started then.

Good news to all of the Symbian developers who wanna know more about the very complicated platform. How complicated, you ask? Well, 33 million lines of codes may give you an idea.

iPad: My Answer to What-is

iPad is a browser?
Yeah, you said it. Actually it’s the best internet browser in this planet ever. Pinch, Zoom In & Out, Speed, yep, in all these respects. Safari works great, which has been proved in the iPhone. Now it comes to iPad. So it would be very easy for you iPhone owners to catch up here.

iPad is an ebook reader?
Absolutely. Apple even created a new application named iBook for this purpose. With iBook, you can get the ebook with one click, just like you do applications by AppStore, music by iTunes. Furthermore, the reading experience is ‘gorgeous’ and ‘phenomenal‘, esp. the part of paging up and down. You can even stick to the same page by paging up a little bit, exactly the same when you do a real reading in the printed book(video here). Not mentioned that your book are rendered on a shiny 9.7 inch wide-screen in the resolution of 1024-by-768-pixel at 132 pixels per inch(ppi).

iPad is a gaming device?
You bet. Did i mention iPad has an 1GHz Apple A4 custom-designed, high-performance, low-power system-on-a-chip CPU? Plus the whole multi-touch screen. You already played couple of games in the iPhone/iTouch, right? Very cool, isn’t it? Now with the new hardware, you can imagine how you will feel the new iPad games are coming.

iPad is an iPod, an photo organizer, an email client, an navigator?
True, to all of them. Larger screen, better viewing experience, faster and more powerful than iPhone. However, big size reduces its portability. You cannot put iPad into your pocket as you do to iPod. Actually we cannot expect one single device to do all things and meet all needs. That’s not fair, isn’t?

iPad is an phone?
No, at least officially no any phone functions until now, though iPad does have a model of  Wifi+3G. So iPad can’t take the place of your iPhone, either.

Do I need an iPad?
It depends. If you spend a lot of time on reading, including browsing the web and reading an ebook, or on gaming, and are willing to be an early adopter of Apple’s cool gadget, personally I think iPad is worth of a try.

Well, that’s my answer to the question of what iPad is. What’s yours, my friend? Share with me in the comments, please.

It’s Hard To Be A Chinese Netizen

Yes, it is. How hard? you ask. Well, check it out now by taking a look at the picture below(I’m not the author,someone anonymous(but pretty creative) is).

Tons of thousands of websites and personal blogs have been shut down, no .cn domain names registration for the individuals any more, no Tor, no YouTube, no Facebook, no Twitter, blablabla.The rope around the Chinese netizen‘s neck is becoming tighter and tighter.

Jordy sings ‘It’s hard to be a baby‘, well, a Chinese netizen as well.

Happy New Year 2010

BTW, 2010 is the year of Tiger. sorry, Woods, don mean you here.

Enjoy, my dear friends and readers.


1.300k iphone has been sold until Dec.27, Dec by China Unicom(Chinese). And China Unicom’s gonna present a big marketing campaign in eight big cities from Jan.1 to 3 of 2010(Chinese,again. sorry).

2.I’m expecting the Wonder of Apple’s Tablet as well on Jan.6, how about you?

Cui Jian @ Christmax Eve

If you love rock n roll and you know Chinese, you have no reason to not love Cui Jian, the Father of Chinese Rock n Roll. He’s just finished his live show in Beijing Exhibition Center at X’Mas Eve. The video above is his three returns in the end of the show. Three hours singing, three stage reappearance(audience request), What a legend!