iPhone Firmware 2.0.2 Improvements

I’ve been playing around on 2.0.2 for couple of days. And here’s the improvements I’ve seen based on my experience.

1. less mobile signal recover time than all previous firmware versions

I did have such kind of experience that I had to reboot the phone to get the lost cellular signal back. Using carrier search function(tap Setting->Carrier) can bring the signal back, but not always. Not mention the side effect the search brings as well: no Edge icon on the taskbar, which means no internet browsing, no weather update, no email checking bla bla bla.

I should say from 2.0 Apple has been working on this. the recovery speed in 2.0 is better than 1.1.4, and now 2.0.2 is better than 2.0.

2. Overall more stable than 2.0, but still not as good as 1.1.4.

The launch speed of Contacts and Setting.app is much faster than 2.0. The safari browser works much stable and smooth than 2.0. And the time to pop up the keyboard when clicking on the input box is faster as well. Oh, the iTunes sync takes less time than 2.0 as well.

When the comparison comes to 2.0.2 against 1.1.4, i would say 1.1.4 behaves better. I mean, the whole system’s performance, including the faster launch speed of native applications, the less crash times and more accurate touch intention processing(my scroll touch has often been taken as select touch in 2.0.x ) etc.

Anyway, i’m now on 2.0.2 already. and I’ll stay. But I’m really looking forward to the coming firmware 2.1 on the rumored Apple’s Sep.9 event, even though it’s already confirmed that 2.1 will kill the 3rd party’s copy-and-paste effort 🙁

iPhone 1.1.4 Fix: Safari Can’t Remember Password

 greader-remember me

For those iphoners who unlocked their iphones by iPlus, they should have the same problem as i do.

The reason is because the user ‘mobile’ under which Safari is running has no permission to save the cookies.

And the fix is pretty easy, run chmod -R 777 /private/var/mobile/Library/Cookies on the iphone by Term-v100 or Putty.

Source: Hackint0sh.

On Fully Functional 1.1.4 Now

The reason i decided to update my iphone is as below:

1. the unlock works for sure.
2. the newly updated iCosta 1.1.0 supports 1.1.4 now.
3. of course 1.1.4 has some improvements as well. Personally what i’m interested is the one about cell signal.
And here’s the steps i did. In all, pretty easy and smooth.

1.Use iTunes to sync your iphone and make sure everything backuped. Then Shift+Restore to 1.1.4.
2.Download iPlus 1.2 and International Pack. Credit goes to aviegas.
3.Unzip the iPlus1.2.zip to your local harddisk, say c:\iplus1.2. Rename the existed payload.zip to payload-zip.bak. Then copy the downloaded payload_international.zip to c:\iplus1.2 and rename it as payload.zip.
4. Go to c:/iplus1.2 under command line and then run iplus -u. After couple of reboot and boom, the iphone has been activated, jailbroken and unlocked!!
5. Launch iTunes and restore back all of your original settings. and you are done!!

So for now I’m on 1.1.4 now, both firmware and baseband. And i checked youtube, google maps and Settings as well. All works fine. Last but least, i saw the cell signal. So, are you gonna stay where you are or go to 1.1.4 next?