China Mobile Starts Wifi Service Support

China Mobile has re-launched its tuned 88-series service packages recently, all of the sub 5 packages under which has newly added a 10hr-Wifi-service(Source:sina(chinese)). It also says the WLAN service is now only availabe in Beijing and Shanghai.

I never get the chance to try it out, but certainly it’s a good sign for the iPhone officially coming into China, WITHOUT the wifi-cut. Personally I wouldn’t buy the phone if there’s no wifi support.

Let’s wait and see what will happen next.

P.S. I’ll update if I could try the CMCC wifi service later.

Update(Dec.30,2008): China Mobile has expanded its WiFi service, from GoTone only, to M-zone ,Easyyown and GoTone now, as Sina reports today. Really, it’s kinda sign that China may remove the restriction of no Wifi module in the mobile device.

Update(Dec.31,2008): GoTone only,again.

What Keeps Me Out Of Here Recently

1. on the way of to-be-a-father

Couple of weeks later, I’m gonna be a father! My baby would come to this world! I’m really really looking forward to it. But before that, I have lots of things to learn and prepare.. You’ll have an idea of it if you are already a father or mother.

2. new driver with the new car

Yes, one of the things I’ve done for my coming daughter. I spent 25 days(from the day I started to drive to the day I passed the test) to get the driving license, 15 days to order the Lova and then I’m on the road in my car. I have to drive as more as possbile to accumulate driving and improve the skills so make sure I’m fully prepared whenever necessary.

Well, the two cents above make me a little bit out of my spare time. And there’s also some changes in my job, which makes me busier than before. So, all in all, I may not be able to keep updating this blog as often as before. My readers, sorry.

iPhone 2.1: First Impression

Just update my phone to the latest 2.1 OS(download link,for 2G only), after confirmed by the community that the upgrade won’t brick my quickpwned 2.0.2 iphone.
Due to the short time that i’ve been playing with the phone, i haven’t got the chance to fully experience all of those improvements myself yet.
But i do find couple of things different(See my screenshots below):
1. Newly designed icon for the EDGE signal.
much bold and clear than before.
2. Newly added Carrier item.
Guess the mobile service provider’s name is supposed be shown there. As to my case, the reason why it’s Carrier 2.6 and not the correct China Mobile is this is an unlocked phone. Here’s a discussion which may tell you why couple of days later.
3. Identity name on the computer changed, from Apple iPhone to the phone’s name that you give to. Don’t know how to change the name? check this out.
iphone's new name on 'my computer'

4. Contacts search goes much much faster.

Well, that’s all that i’ve found about the new iphone 2.1 OS so far. Perhaps later I’ll get more. If so, i’ll update it here.

One more thing, at this moment, there’s no jailbreak solution out for the new OS. That is to say, you do the upgrade, you lose all of those unofficial 3rd party applications installed either by Installer or Cydia. So you decide to update or not.

Update(Sep.17,2008): Significantly better battery life confirmed.

iPhone 2.0.1

Now I’m on the latest iphone 2.0.1 firmware(Thanks goes to Winpwn 2.0.4). And everything works flawlessly. Compared with 2.0, the biggest improvements i’ve found is the app launch speed is much faster. You may get more other 2.0.1 improvements here.

One more advantage of going to 2.0.1 is having both Installer 4.0 beta(youtube video) and Cydia on the phone. I don have any high expectation on it, just can’t wait to try it out myself 🙂

Even if not all of the old iphone 1.1.x apps has been ported to 2.0.x, still lots of apps there waiting for you. I myself have’t got enough time to try them yet, you may get it from the screenshot above. For now i installed iCosta PinYin, BossPrefs, Chinese Carrier bundles and two games.

One more thing, with Winpwn 2.0.4, i’ve resized the space for the apps from the default 300M to 700M, which means, i can install the apps as many as I want 🙂

Olympic Game Tickets For You

beijing olympic tickets for women soccer

Anyone who’s interested in women soccer matches in the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games? Here are FOUR tickets for you.

With ONE of the first two tickets you can watch TWO women soccer matches, one is Nigeria vs. Brazil in Group F, and the other is Sweden vs. Canada in Group E. The exact time is 17:00~21:00, on Aug.12,2008.

With one of the second two tickets , you can watch the first semi-final match for women soccer games on  9:00pm on Aug.18.

All the matches mentioned above will be running in Beijing Workers’ Stadium. Here’s the proof(in Chinese) from the official site.

Price is very reasonable. Guranteed. Email me(cuimengsuo AT gmail dot com) if you are interested.

Update(Aug.10,2008): Tickets taken by one of my close friends. Thanks.

Wikipedia Is Live Now In China

just learned from Xianguo Iphone(in Chinese) that the GFW-long-blocked Wikipedia has come to live. I tried the English and Chinese version and both work well.
The reason? I’m not sure, perhaps it’s because the around-the-corner Olympic Games.

Even though the access to the internet has proved still not completely open and free, those very knowledge intensive websites like wikipedia have got the chances of being unblocked by the government, at least during Games.

and here’s the screenshot.


btw,this post is created by WordPress App for iPhone, and modified later by WP’s built-in editor.

Chasing iPhone 2? Perhaps.

iPhone 2 DOES has some new features which is really attractive to me, like native support to Chinese in Email and IME, like GPS, etc. Exchange support, not so much. I have no plan to use personal my iPhone to check those company emails.

Even though so far the 3-rd party apps cannot be allowed to be running, I’m pretty sure it’s a matter of time. I do have a strong belief on those very talented guys in the community like the iPhone Dev Team, even I have completely no idea of who they are, where they come from and how they look like.

Perhaps, I should start thinking of reselling my iPhone, just like everyone else. The best target is someone here in Beijing,China.

Actually my iPhone works pretty good in every functionality. No physical damage at all. If you decide to get it you will also have my full support in my convenient time. Software only,btw.

Make WordPress Grey To Mourn Quake Victims

Grey to Mourn Earthquake Dead

The following is the how-to, which is IE only.

Add the following corlored code to your theme’s header.php, right after <header>. Mine looks like this:

<head profile=”“>
     html { filter:gray }

Or just filter:grey; to your body definition part in the style.css, which has no effect on the looking of  the sidebar. 

Update(May.22,2008): back to normal now. Thanks for your understanding and patience.