Workable APN for China Unicom 3G on iPad Mini

Currently I use this:

Username: 123
Password: 123

‘Coz this’s the recommended settings by the service provider China Unicom BJ.

BTW, the package I’ve bought is 3GB in 6 months cost 300 RMB officially(actually less than 150 via Taobao). It’s said this package is for Beijing only.

However, after two month I have to say this APN is NOT always workable. I don’t know the reason. and I haven’t call the sp. Instead, I asked google and got another APN:

APN: 3gnet
Password: (blank)

Guess what? It’s working, sometimes.

So all in all, I use the two APNs mentioned above. And when one doesn’t work, I’ll use the other. If you don’t care about the difference like I do, you can use my method.

iPhone 3G Unlocked!

This is done by the well-known DevTeam, AGAIN. See the official news on their blog here. and as said, ‘The target release date for the unlock is New Year’s Eve 2008.

So for those iPhone 3G ‘unoffcial’ owners, please keep an close eye on the DevTeam’s blog. And don forget to show your appreciation if possible.

iPhone 2G Prices Sky High in China

iPhone 2G(firmware 1.x): 8G, RMB4300($625); 16G,4800RMB($698). Source here(chinese,sorry)

it’s in Shanghai, China. Crazy, isn’t it?

You may wonder why that. Actually, it’s all about the iphone 3G.

The new 3G iPhone is priced $199/$299, which really makes the current sellers worry about the 2G iphone on hand. Imagine: who still wanna buy the 2G if they can get the 3G in such a price?!

As a result, the sellers stopped trying getting more phones to china. They wanna sell out all the 2G phones before they start to get 3G ones. For the end user, it means the number of iphones they can buy are becoming less and less.

Meanwhile, due to the uncertainty of 3G phone, like final price, unlock or not, people are more comfortable on the 2G now, at least they are sure of working here, not mention those tons of third party applications.

All in all, 2G phone prices much more than it deserves now. As to when it comes to a resonable one, perhaps after Jul.11, when everything about 3G is clear.

Wait and see.

iPhone Coming To China On July 22?

Rumors are all around, in both English and Chinese.

I’m not sure but i guess the orginal source is from here(Chinese).

Well, in my view of point, it’s very reasonable. The New China Unicom does need a breakpoint to attract more people to use their service, esp. when they’re gonna push the testing and deployment of 3G WCDMA network as soon as they get the 3g license from the goverment which is for sure a-matter-of-time thing. iPhone 3G is just released at the right time by Apple, which has failed in the first talk with China Mobile in the iphone 1 stage.

Let’s wait and see then.