Workable APN for China Unicom 3G on iPad Mini

Currently I use this:

Username: 123
Password: 123

‘Coz this’s the recommended settings by the service provider China Unicom BJ.

BTW, the package I’ve bought is 3GB in 6 months cost 300 RMB officially(actually less than 150 via Taobao). It’s said this package is for Beijing only.

However, after two month I have to say this APN is NOT always workable. I don’t know the reason. and I haven’t call the sp. Instead, I asked google and got another APN:

APN: 3gnet
Password: (blank)

Guess what? It’s working, sometimes.

So all in all, I use the two APNs mentioned above. And when one doesn’t work, I’ll use the other. If you don’t care about the difference like I do, you can use my method.

MMS Works in Beijing,China

Tonight i did sent the first MMS out successfully in my iphone by the newly updated SwirlyMMS v0.2. Refer to the left below screenshot. The right one shows the specific APN settings.

MMS Sent on iPhone - Beijing, ChinaMMS APN For China Mobile

BTW, I’m one of more than 360M China Mobile subscribers. My number formats 1391xxxxxxx.

However still some confused issues are found and waiting for further investigations, like ‘still can browse normal http-based webpages while the global APN has been changed to cmwap by SwirlyMMS’, ‘what’s the exact steps by which i can send mms out successfully for sure’ etc.

Anyway, one successfully-sent MMS does mean the native MMS app does work here in Beijing,China. And i’ll make more tries and find out more.

Update(Jan.3,2008): here’s the repro steps for you:
1. manually disable wifi;
2. make sure the strength of mobile signal is fine;
3. launch SwirlyMMS;
4. enter title in English.
If in Chinese, SwirlyMMS failed all the time. It’s a bug here.
5. pick the receipants and picture you wanna send.
6. send and done.

Update(Mar.9,2008): please check out the latest SwirlyMMS v0.3.5, which for sure works well on firmware 1.1.3 & 1.1.4.  By ‘well’, i mean, sending and receiving MMS 😉
Now all that I wanna see most next is a built-in MMS reader, which, of course, should be able to read Chinese characters 🙂