Free Apps I Installed from App Store

>>Reading News

1. NYTimes – I use it to learn the latest technology news.

2.Time Mobile

3.CCTV Mobile

>>Playing with photos

1.PS Mobile

Photoshop on iPhone, and free. What are you waiting for?!


just for fun. Somehow I take it as a way of reminding me of what I was doing that day when the picture was taken. Guess the app author never imagined this kinda use of his/her software 🙂


I use it to transfer photos between my wife’s iphone and mine. User-friendly interface, pretty cool. Both my wife and I enjoy it so much. It would be perfect if the photo transfer speed goes faster.



Still need network connection to access. But the speed is fine. Since it’s an official version, suggest to install.

2.Ziyouquanshu (自由全書)

Full Wikipedia Chinese database. So no need to go online. A must-have for sure.

>>Other Tools

1.Chinese Calendar(萬年曆) – A must-have, if you care about what a day is in the Chinese lunar calendar.


Chinese Native App Stores

Inspired by wikipedia’s List of digital distribution platforms for mobile devices, I’ve just created a similar but compact list for the Chinese native App Stores here. It’s far from complete and detailed, but it could give you an idea of how the success of Apple’s AppStore business has influenced the Chinese mobile market.

Name Established Status Organizations Organization Gene Available apps
Mobile Market Aug.17,2009 Live China Mobile Carrier 1683
Surfing Space AppStore(天翼空间) Sep.1,2009 Live China Telecom Carrier 392
Wo Store(沃商城) Unknown Internal Testing China Unicom Carrier Unknown
Vogins AppStore Unknown Internal Testing MediaTek Mobile Phone Manufacturer 800+
Coolmart AppStore(Coolmart应用商店) Unknown Live Coolpad Mobile Phone Manufacturer 600+
Unknown Oct.2009 Internal Testing 天语 Mobile Phone Manufacturer Unknown

I’ll keep it updated when related information is available later. BTW, all links in the table are directed to Chinese page, so be awared.

If you enter in iphone’s safari browser, by default you will redirect to sometime, which may not be what you want. If so, try

I know it’s a Chinese PinYin for the word ‘mobile'(移动), but it does be able to take you to google’s default global-search, other than the Chinese-only one.

Besides,there you can also see the google’s new move on web apps esp. for iphone as below.

Google Apps For iPhone(v2)

My Top 10 3rd-Party Native Apps For iPhone

There are tons of native apps for iphone already, no matter your ff is 1.0.x or 1.1.x. And there are tons of favorite app lists already by different people in different criteria. I don know how much you agree with them, but here’s mine. And the criteria is simple: free.

1.iCosta – the first native and system level Chinese input method. Absolutely No.1.
2.Installer – The one which makes the installation of following native apps pretty straightforward. A must, too.
3.MobileFinder – The first file system explorer and management tool. For me, most likely it works as kinda launcher
4.rSBT – The tool I used to re-arrange my springboard. Yes, i know SummerBoard. but I still prefer this one due to its simplicity and less resource requirement.
5.SMSD – Almost replaced my default And the author is keeping on working to make it better. I’ve talked it before.
6.Books – The ebook reader. Absolutely one of the first 3rd party native apps for iphone.
7.SwirlyMMS – The first and only MMS app for iphone until now. Even though it’s still lack of some key features like MMS receiving, it’s still worth to be in the list. And the feeling is great when I send the pictures to my friends successfully.
8.ScreenShot – A screen capture tool with GUI. Most of the pictures in this site are created by it, except the very early ones by the command tool.
9.TuneWiki – Lyrics showing while listening music. Very impressive, not only for its functions, but also for its idea of syncing lyrics by taking full use of the community. Only one thing, when can i see some Chinese song’s lyrics?
10.weDict – Dictionary, esp. for people whose mother language is not english. If you wanna know how to add your local dictionaries to weDict, read my previous post here.

One more thing, there’s some very valuable tools i didn’t cover, like jailbreaking toolkit and SSH server etc, because for most of iphone users they are transparent and hidden. Perhaps, that’s what foundation means 🙂

That’s it. Also, hackintosh has one sticky post talking about this. You may check it out if you are interested.