What Keeps Me Out Of Here Recently

1. on the way of to-be-a-father

Couple of weeks later, I’m gonna be a father! My baby would come to this world! I’m really really looking forward to it. But before that, I have lots of things to learn and prepare.. You’ll have an idea of it if you are already a father or mother.

2. new driver with the new car

Yes, one of the things I’ve done for my coming daughter. I spent 25 days(from the day I started to drive to the day I passed the test) to get the driving license, 15 days to order the Lova and then I’m on the road in my car. I have to drive as more as possbile to accumulate driving and improve the skills so make sure I’m fully prepared whenever necessary.

Well, the two cents above make me a little bit out of my spare time. And there’s also some changes in my job, which makes me busier than before. So, all in all, I may not be able to keep updating this blog as often as before. My readers, sorry.