Cui – On My Way is back!

After couple of hours data migration work, I finally got this:

almost all valued contents of the blocked blog has been transferred to this new address

That is to say, Cui – On My Way is back. And reloaded in the new URI as promised before(not by sub-domain,but sub-virtual directory).

And I’ll keep it updated as usual. For friends like you, your visit and comments are warmly welcomed as usual as well.

What Keeps Me Out Of Here Recently

1. on the way of to-be-a-father

Couple of weeks later, I’m gonna be a father! My baby would come to this world! I’m really really looking forward to it. But before that, I have lots of things to learn and prepare.. You’ll have an idea of it if you are already a father or mother.

2. new driver with the new car

Yes, one of the things I’ve done for my coming daughter. I spent 25 days(from the day I started to drive to the day I passed the test) to get the driving license, 15 days to order the Lova and then I’m on the road in my car. I have to drive as more as possbile to accumulate driving and improve the skills so make sure I’m fully prepared whenever necessary.

Well, the two cents above make me a little bit out of my spare time. And there’s also some changes in my job, which makes me busier than before. So, all in all, I may not be able to keep updating this blog as often as before. My readers, sorry.

Comment Email Responder and iWPhone

If you are looking for an WP plugin by which your reply to the comment on your blog will be automatically sent to the comment owner, you know, to keep you and your valuable reader connected, then Comment Email Responder is just for you.

Comment Email Responder

Another is iWPhone, by which your wordpress blog will be more iphone-friendly. Here’s what my blog looks like. Nice, eh? Can’t wait to get it? ok, visit here for downloading and installation instructions.

my iwphoned blog

Both free plugins work pretty well in my blog. I love them so much. And very appreciate the authors’ good work and love to give them a big thumb up -

1.1.3 Now

I followed George’s wonderful post here to make it done.

And after the soft-upgrade, again, with help from George on iCosta installation,  and  some 3rd-party app fixes, i should say my iphone is ready to go.

Besides, George has so many valuable posts there on his blog. So if you wanna do some iphone hackings like me, i strongly recommend to subscribe his blog and check often.

So for now, I have a fully functional(except Google Maps’ Locate me) iphone in firmware 1.1.3 and unlocked bb 04.02.13_G  🙂