Google Reader for iPhone – Webpage Reformatted

There’s one setting in Google Reader called ‘Reformat lined web pages for mobile browsers.‘ which is VERY useful for me. And here’s the reasons:

google reader setting

1.Take Google Reader as a Proxy

By checking this option, I can read news from websites which provide feeds and are blocked in China, like * I do read news from Google Official Blog, actually.

2.Save Money When Connecting Via EDGE/GPRS

It’s true. And it’s done by decreasing the amount of downloading files while reformatting the web pages. See the following two pictures, left is orginal and right is the reformatted one:

googl reader - originalgoogle reader - reformatted for mobile

Yes, you can see the later layout is a mass. Actually that’s because the CSS file which controls how the webpage’s layout and display will be has not been downloaded to your mobile browser, say my iphone’s safari.

Furthermore, if there’s some flash ads in the original page, they won’t be downloaded, either.

In other words, the number of downloading bytes from the server to your browser is less than a normal page visit before reformatted. So, your monthly data usage is less and you cost less, too.

A greedy request here: Can Google Reader turn the reformatting option on when it detects the current net connection is via EDGE/GPRS while off via Wifi? You know, when cost is not a problem anymore, i’d love to see an CSS-based clean web page πŸ™‚

Rumor:iPhone Will Come To China at 2008 Spring Festival?

Rumor source here  πŸ™‚

D.Phone(θΏͺδΏ‘ι€š) is one of the largest phone retailers here in beijing, even whole mainland. Actually my first mobile phone moto P7689 was bought there in Jan, 2001.

I think to make iphone available to china, at least the deal should cover several issues:

1.Official unlocked iphone.
Perhaps the same as the Germany/France version. Good news, anyway, isn’t it?

2.UI Localization
This may not be a big issue.
Actually even without the official one, an Chinese lang pack are already there by achan11.
3.App Localization
Like Chinese Input(I know you’ve already got iCosta or NativeCn working, but kinda hand-writing IME is still necessary), Phone Enhancement(CallID correctly recognition etc).

4.Hardware Localization
Perhaps, Wifi module has to been removed as required by Chinese goverment(sorry,it’s in Chinese).
But I wonder how many people still wanna buy such an iphone.

iPhone Price Cut: Why That?

Yeah, I’ve learned this. But why?

My guess is: it’s all about Apple’s business model. Yes, you know it well already – selling music via iTunes to all the device owners.

The way to get more songs sold is to have more people own an Apple device, like iPod, Nano, Shuffle, iPhone and iPod Touch.

Then how to achieve that?

Of course, cool user interface is a factor. But talking about one of the most effective ways, price cut is sure the best candidate.

That’s why all this happened.

For iphone early adopters like me, stop complaining, please. ‘Coz, Yes, Steve is right on this: that’s technology.

Update: Apple to give early iPhone buyers $100 credit … very smart move.