Workable APN for China Unicom 3G on iPad Mini

Currently I use this:

Username: 123
Password: 123

‘Coz this’s the recommended settings by the service provider China Unicom BJ.

BTW, the package I’ve bought is 3GB in 6 months cost 300 RMB officially(actually less than 150 via Taobao). It’s said this package is for Beijing only.

However, after two month I have to say this APN is NOT always workable. I don’t know the reason. and I haven’t call the sp. Instead, I asked google and got another APN:

APN: 3gnet
Password: (blank)

Guess what? It’s working, sometimes.

So all in all, I use the two APNs mentioned above. And when one doesn’t work, I’ll use the other. If you don’t care about the difference like I do, you can use my method.

CCTV App for iPhone

[iTunes Store]

CCTV, the biggest video content owner of China and the state-owned tv station, has released its official free application for iPhone platform: CCTV National Mobile TV.

Built upon CCTV’s news, sports, entertainment, music, animation and other content, this product provides you with a brand-new experience of watching TV programs from China Central Television (CCTV).

凭借着CCTV旗下新闻、体育、娱乐、影视、音乐、动漫等强大的资源优势,该产品为您提供了内容丰富的各类精彩节目。CCTV手机电视会对国内外各类热点 事件,各类重大体育赛事,各类综艺节目进行详细的播报。您可以随心随意选择,随时随地收看CCTV众多拥有独家版权的精品节目。

I’ve tried it yesterday. My first try is in the morning and it’s a failture ‘coz all the videos cannot be played at all. However later in the evening when I tried again, the video played very smoothly. All that I can say is it’s not as stable as expected.

So far all the content are not live, but VoD. However, the news part are updated so frequently, which makes it almost ‘live'(almost as soon as it’s played on TV).

The videos are from 32 well-known columns covering 8 channels(CCTV 1~5,CCTV-7,CCTV-12 and CCTV-News) . Besides, there are also 9 topic-centered videos including Shanghai EXPO and 11th National Sports etc. As to the Top chart, it’s just another view of the 32 columns.

It’s not as good as expected, but better than nothing.

A New Theme

I’ve been using whiteasmilk theme on this blog for a long time. I myself do love those kinda simple but classical themes,you know, text-centered, very few colors, eye-friendly fonts etc, just like whiteasmilk.

However, in order to make this blog a little bit ‘holiday’ with the coming long National Day Holidays, I decide to get a new theme for celebration.

That’s why you see Redtopia, my final choice after hours of googling and testing.

The big/small roses are for the country’s 60 birthday. The main red-only color seems just in time for my celebration purpose. So that’s it.

Hope you enjoy it as i do.

iCosta Updated to 1.2.8

Title says all.

Source from the iCosta official blog(Chinese) here, which says the update fixed the bug of the iCosta’s easy crash when not-enough system memory left.

I myself did see a few crashes by icosta before, esp. in the when I wanna reply and ready to type in the input box. That kinda crash really drove me crazy.

Hopefully it wouldn’t happen any more.

Update(Sep.17,2009): title modified based on the author says 1.2.8 also works on the latest 3.1 too.

Update(Sep.22,2009): the install source is, fyi.

Update(Sep.28,2009): iCosta 1.2.8 works well on the latest iPhone firmware 3.1.

UCWeb 6.7beta Released: Support iPhone 3.x


I’ve been waiting for it for a long time, really. I love it so.The reason? I’ve talked it before, not mention so many new features has been added in this release.

To quote a few, brand new UI design(i think it cooler), full screen browsing, support direct installation from .deb,.pxl,.ipa, support music(.3gp,.mp3) and movie(.mov,.mp4)) download and playback, last session restore…

I myself still haven’t enough time to digg deeper into it yet. To get more, you better try it out by yourself. Just give it some patience ‘coz it’s still in beta and buggy, from from as stable and user-friendly as Safari.

However, it IS worth of a try.

Cydia/Icy source is:

Compatible Firmwares: 2.0 | 2.0.1 | 2.0.2 | 2.1 | 2.2 | 2.2.1 | 3.0 | 3.0.1

Here’s the new home and a downloaded mp3 ready to play.


Update(Sep.28,2009): UCWEB 6.7 beta rocks on iPhone firmware 3.1!

China Unicom: iPhone is Here,Finally

News by Sina: 详讯:联通明日发布苹果iPhone手机事宜

It said China Unicom will announce the coming of iPhone tomorrow, i.e, Aug.28 of 2009. The exact date that customer can get the phone would be in someday of Oct. The model would be iPhone 3G 8G and 16G, while 3GS has been delayed until perhaps Oct. And the price would be lower than the unofficial price of related iPhone 3G which is currently 8G by 3000RMB(439USD) and 16G by 4000RMB(586USD).

It also mentioned China Unicom has spent 10 billion RMB(1.46 billion USD) to get 5 million iphones from Apple, who has given up the revenue-sharing-contract model in this deal.

Unfortunately the imported iPhone has been ‘customized’: No wifi module, no iTunes and App Store applications.

So the question is: would you buy it?

Optimized Search for iPhone

Maybe you already know that Google Mobile Team has made lots of improvements on the page of search results for the mobile devices like iPhone(link created by online proxy, ‘coz blogspot has been blocked by GFW), here’s what I’ve found on what the details are on

1. Universal search for sure

I’ve checked the search results one by one by taking a comparison with on my laptop searching for the same keyword.

Yes, they are the same.

2.Mobile formatted


Absolutely my favorite feature, always. ‘Coz that will take a big cut the traffic and reduce much cost accordingly when I use it on the China Mobile’s network.

Strongly recommend it, esp. when you use iphone a lot to surf the net in the cellular network.

How to Enable MMS on iPhone 2G


This is tested in my iphone 2G using China Mobile’s GoTone(全球通) service by my Windows Xp laptop.

1.Install ActivateMMS2G via Icy or Cydia by adding manually this rep . Credit goes to hackint0sh user ‘micked’ on this post.

2.Install this customized carrier bundle CMCC_Cui via iTunes by following this tutorial by iclarified.

This installation is to fix the issue of cannot saving the MMS APN settings after the step 1.

Besides, i’ve just updated the carrier logo for China Mobile. See the screenshot above, on the top-left corner, the icon, which originally is chinese characters of 中国移动.

And one more things, for all Windows users that still haven’t find a tool to edit the .plist file, here’s the one for you: pledit.exe.

3. Check your Settings->General->Network->Cellular Data Network, make sure everything goes the same as the picture below shows.


4. Go to Settings->Messages, turn MMS Messaging on.

5. Reboot and enjoy.

Recent Progress of iPhone’s Way to China

Seems iPhone coming to China becomes much closer, from the announced approval by State Wireless Inspection Center of China. See picture below. Source query page is here.
iphone approval

The device is marked as ‘GSM/WCDMA/蓝牙移动电话机’ ,which means ‘GSM/WCDMA/Bluetooth Mobile Phone’, not the famous ‘iPhone’. But is any other phone devices made by Apple?!

PCWorld has a detailed report here. But what I’ve learned is from Sina News(Chinese).

It even says due to the Apple’s nonnegotiable attitude on his business model of revenue sharing with the carrier China Unicom has become not so eager and enthusiastic as used to be.

Besides, to enter the mainland market there’s another barrier: WIFI module. ‘Coz MIT officially doesn’t allow the existence of such a mobile device with WIFI  function.

Update(Jul 13,2009): Sina says Apple has agreed that China Unicom will be the one that will sell iphone to the market. As to when and how, just a matter of time. And no wifi for sure.