It’s Hard To Be A Chinese Netizen

Yes, it is. How hard? you ask. Well, check it out now by taking a look at the picture below(I’m not the author,someone anonymous(but pretty creative) is).

Tons of thousands of websites and personal blogs have been shut down, no .cn domain names registration for the individuals any more, no Tor, no YouTube, no Facebook, no Twitter, blablabla.The rope around the Chinese netizen‘s neck is becoming tighter and tighter.

Jordy sings ‘It’s hard to be a baby‘, well, a Chinese netizen as well.

Free Apps I Installed from App Store

>>Reading News

1. NYTimes – I use it to learn the latest technology news.

2.Time Mobile

3.CCTV Mobile

>>Playing with photos

1.PS Mobile

Photoshop on iPhone, and free. What are you waiting for?!


just for fun. Somehow I take it as a way of reminding me of what I was doing that day when the picture was taken. Guess the app author never imagined this kinda use of his/her software 🙂


I use it to transfer photos between my wife’s iphone and mine. User-friendly interface, pretty cool. Both my wife and I enjoy it so much. It would be perfect if the photo transfer speed goes faster.



Still need network connection to access. But the speed is fine. Since it’s an official version, suggest to install.

2.Ziyouquanshu (自由全書)

Full Wikipedia Chinese database. So no need to go online. A must-have for sure.

>>Other Tools

1.Chinese Calendar(萬年曆) – A must-have, if you care about what a day is in the Chinese lunar calendar.


Chinese Native App Stores

Inspired by wikipedia’s List of digital distribution platforms for mobile devices, I’ve just created a similar but compact list for the Chinese native App Stores here. It’s far from complete and detailed, but it could give you an idea of how the success of Apple’s AppStore business has influenced the Chinese mobile market.

Name Established Status Organizations Organization Gene Available apps
Mobile Market Aug.17,2009 Live China Mobile Carrier 1683
Surfing Space AppStore(天翼空间) Sep.1,2009 Live China Telecom Carrier 392
Wo Store(沃商城) Unknown Internal Testing China Unicom Carrier Unknown
Vogins AppStore Unknown Internal Testing MediaTek Mobile Phone Manufacturer 800+
Coolmart AppStore(Coolmart应用商店) Unknown Live Coolpad Mobile Phone Manufacturer 600+
Unknown Oct.2009 Internal Testing 天语 Mobile Phone Manufacturer Unknown

I’ll keep it updated when related information is available later. BTW, all links in the table are directed to Chinese page, so be awared.

iCosta Updated to 1.2.8

Title says all.

Source from the iCosta official blog(Chinese) here, which says the update fixed the bug of the iCosta’s easy crash when not-enough system memory left.

I myself did see a few crashes by icosta before, esp. in the when I wanna reply and ready to type in the input box. That kinda crash really drove me crazy.

Hopefully it wouldn’t happen any more.

Update(Sep.17,2009): title modified based on the author says 1.2.8 also works on the latest 3.1 too.

Update(Sep.22,2009): the install source is, fyi.

Update(Sep.28,2009): iCosta 1.2.8 works well on the latest iPhone firmware 3.1.

UCWeb 6.7beta Released: Support iPhone 3.x


I’ve been waiting for it for a long time, really. I love it so.The reason? I’ve talked it before, not mention so many new features has been added in this release.

To quote a few, brand new UI design(i think it cooler), full screen browsing, support direct installation from .deb,.pxl,.ipa, support music(.3gp,.mp3) and movie(.mov,.mp4)) download and playback, last session restore…

I myself still haven’t enough time to digg deeper into it yet. To get more, you better try it out by yourself. Just give it some patience ‘coz it’s still in beta and buggy, from from as stable and user-friendly as Safari.

However, it IS worth of a try.

Cydia/Icy source is:

Compatible Firmwares: 2.0 | 2.0.1 | 2.0.2 | 2.1 | 2.2 | 2.2.1 | 3.0 | 3.0.1

Here’s the new home and a downloaded mp3 ready to play.


Update(Sep.28,2009): UCWEB 6.7 beta rocks on iPhone firmware 3.1!

Wiki2Touch On iPhone 2.1

Wiki2Touch(google code page here) has always been one of my favorite apps since day 1 when I get it. The feeling is great, you know, when you have no idea of something, you always can ask Wiki2Touch for the answer. Most of time, you will be satisfied. Besides, at that moment, you don have to be online. Terribly awesome, eh?

If you are a fan of Wiki2Touch and you now have the firmware 2.0 or 2.1, and you haven’t figure out how to get Wiki2Touch working on the iphone, I have a good news for you 🙂

I googled a lot and finally find this post. It works.

The how-to is easy. But before that, make sure you already have this:

1. A jailbroke iphone on firmware 2.x(including 2.1) with OpenSSH successfully loaded.

2. The wikipedia data file(.bin) in your preferred language version.

Now download this wikipedia-auf-fw-201 to your computer, unzip it and then copy them to the phone by WinSCP(read my previous post here for more info) or your preferred client.

Then give 0755 permission to the server daemon \private\var\mobile\Media\Wikipedia\daemon\wikisrvd. Run daemon/wikisrvd -v -l zh & via Putty.

Open Safari and go to And you are now supposed to see the familar homepage of Wiki2Touch.

Add this link to your bookmark and you are done. Anytime when you wanna find out something, use this bookmark in Safari.

I haven’t uploaded the image.bin to the phone, so not sure if the image functions well or not. Besides, the toggle button on doesn’t seem to be working in my case. Well, no big deal, i just leave it alone.

Any questions, just email me or leave a comment. Good luck.

Update(Dec.17,2008): image.bin works. Tested on my 2.2 iphone.

Chinese Input Methods For iPhone 2.0

You’ve got the following options:

1. Apple

No additional installations, just several clicks on the Settings. But it’s very basic, i mean, in both features and Chinese character dictionary. No surprise at all, after you play it around for a while.

Use only when you’ve got no choice 🙂

2.iCosta 1.2.3(in Chinese)

My choice now. Very stable, as good as it used to be before 2.0,from 1.0.x to 1.1.4.

Easy installation through Cydia is first to install their source from Sections->Repository( then install your favorite IME from Sections->Localization.

3.WeFit iPhone 2.0(Chinese)

Still in very early development phase,but there’s already a release in Cydia. I Haven’t tried it yet. But i did use the old WeFit iPhone 1.1.x before when i was in 1.1.x. Works like a charm. If I’m right, WeFit iPhone 1.1.x is the first Chinese IME by which you can input character phase, other than character one by one. I may give the 2.0 version a try later when it’s out of beta.

If you are brave enough and can’t wait for a more mature release, you can get it from Sections->[WeiPhone] after enabling WeiPhone source from Sections->Repository.


Initiated from the same dev group in HongKong who creates the previouse iphone 1.1.x IME NativeCN, now it has a brand new name and lots of cool features.

Very promising. I’m looking forward to its release. The only problem for now is you have to wait 🙁

iChinese: Help You To Learn Chinese On iPhone


I should say I’m very impressive on this native iphone teaching app iChinese, after some playing around. Why? because it has an easy-to-use UI, a very practical and considerable customization setting and finally a really good and robust implementation.

Now i wanna give you a close look step by step.


Add the developer’s site to Installer’s source, then find and install iChinese from the Learning category. The most recent version is v1.0.2.

Now that the author has also submitted the app to ModMyiPhone source, you can also install it without adding the source manually. So does Cydia. Only one thing: now it’s v1.0.1, not v1.0.2.

I suggest you add the author’s site to your installer since that will get you the latest version.

Launch iChinese and you will enter the main interface as below (picture from iChinese official site).

ichinese main menu(from ichinese author site)


Before you start learning by clicking the button Learn with Trainer or Learn On Your Own on the main menu, you need first download the Chinese-English Dictionary(Demo), related Chinese Characters(Demo) and Lesson 1(to 4, if you want. I choose 1 to 2) from the Library interface. Here’s what you should get so far.



Ok, now let’s start. Click Learn With Trainer from the main interface to enter the Trainer, do as the pop-up says(picture left below), and see what your score is(right below). right, you are on your way now.

You may noticed that i’ve add 3 circles on the screenshots ablove. Reason? well, that’s why i say this app has a VERY PRACTICAL and CONSIDERATE customization setting here. ‘Coz all that can be set by yourself in the following Settings interface.

Don’t forget to tap the three balls one by one to check out what each exactly means to your training and scoring.


Well, the values shown in the picture has been changed by me. You decide yours. Basically by adjusting these values, you can decide how your training lessons will go and how hard the testing could be.

Talking about of this customization, I hope the author can put a Reset button here, by which i can restore all values to the default, esp. after all has been massed up before i completely understand the meaning of each. It would help a lot, i believe.

BTW, one more thing should be mentioned here: when you are asked to write Chinese characters, just write exactly stroke by stroke, in the right order. Never try to connect two or more strokes together or you will get a message saying ‘wrong number of strokes in character 1‘.

This is definitely good to the beginners. They need do good in the very beginning. And writing in the right stroke order is very very important in learning Chinese characters.

However, it sometimes may be frustrating, like in the following Lookup function, when I wanna find out what an unknown character really means.

But, perhaps, this kinda of use may beyond what iChinese is supposed to do. Well, fyi here 🙂


Here you can find out the meaning of a Chinese character by stroke-writing , PinYin-input and English letter. Very easy to use, no more explanation needed, UI says all.

Last but not least, iChinese is a commercial software. The lessons and demo dictionaries are free, but if you wanna get more lessons and dictionaries, you have to pay for them. Details on the official site.

So, all in all, learning Chinese is not an easy task. But if you really wanna do it, a tool like iChinese would help a lot, esp. in the beginning phase.

For the author, if iChinese wanna meet well the need of those people who already learned a lot and will take iChinese more as an Chinese lookup dictionary than an learning application, you have to improve the hand-writing recognition part.

I’m just imagining an iChinese with a HWPen-similar input 😉

First Handwriting IME for iPhone Released

Yes, the long-waited handwriting IME for iphone has been released. Source is here by

I haven’t tried myself yet, but can’t wait to let you guys know it right now. Here’s the screenshot from MMI:

screenshot:handwriting ime for iphone

Even though it’s designed for chinese input specifically, it supports Latin alphabet input as well. Here’s how to intall:

add to the Installer’s source list and then install ‘HWPen‘.

Last but not least, it’s still in beta, so as the one said, backup your /System/Library/LaunchDaemons/, just in case…

Don forget to show your appreciation to the author mars1907, if you, by any chance, can be able to see him 🙂

Use As A MMS Reader

Before SwirlyMMS offcially starts supporting MMS reading function, now you can take use of the as the a temp MMS reader. And here’s the how-to:

1.install both and SwirlyMMS from Installer.

Make sure both work well. You’d better download at least one book and one piece of MMS to check if they can func as expected. If you can’t, then you have to manually create the regarding folders.

2.enter command line by either Term-v100 on your iphone or Putty on your compute. You know how to do it, do you? the following command one by one(case sensitive):

cd /var/root/Media/EBooks

ln -s /var/mobile/Media/MMSFiles MMS


MMS Files in Books.appMMS Contents in

So, now you can see basically the whole point is to fool the by a fake ‘book link’ which actually is where the MMS files are saved. One of the good thing is, now i can read Chinese MMS while i can’t in Also, i can delete the obsolete MMS files easily by the’s Delete function.

So, + = A Full, not bad, huh 😉

Source: 关于SwirlyMMS的使用问题的分析–先谈乱码的解决 【原创】