iPhone OS 3.0 Undocumented Features

Apple said there are more than 100 new features for the non-developer iphone owners like me in the iPhone OS 3.0. Same as usual, Apple doesn’t give us a document about what they are and how to use them.

Until now I myself haven’t see them all. But I do have some findings, just after playing around for a couple of days with 3.0. And I’d like to put all of them here, FYI.

Here they are, grouped by applications.


1.1 Phone->Recents

Much detailed Call History Info, like call number type, call in or out, calling minutes etc.



>>Delete contact info piece by piece(the red button is placed there by ME, ‘coz for some reason screenshot cannot be done at that status)


Contact Share, Tap Address will launch Google Map to search and My Number.

2.SpringBoard(Home Screen)

Press the Home key will take you to the left one of the current home screen, until you reach the most left Spotlight Search screen. And then press Home will make you switch between the Spotlight Search and the first home screen right after Spotlight.


Turn the phone into landscape mode will take you to the scientific calculator automatically. Perhaps this it not a new one, i’m not sure here. Correct me if you know it.


Mail: Load Remote Images , Safari : Autofill,Fraud Warning, iPod: Shake to Shuffle.. Well, even though I haven’t figure out how they really works, they are the features that I haven’t seen in the previous firmwares. So just put them here for sharing.


Stopwatch: real time count display for each lap


One more thing, Facebook already starts taking use of the shake API brought by the OS 3.0. Here’s the setting screenshot.


P.S. It works like a charm.

BTW, if you know more undocumented featurs of iPhone OS 3.0, please leave it in the comments. Thanks.

Update(Mar 31,2009): some more findings

1.Safari -> Autofill

very nice, really.

2.Settings ->General ->Home

More choices for the double tap Home button, like to launch Camera, to Search.

My iPhone OS 3.0 Installation Experience

Not as easy as i expected, actually. But finally, i made it.

There ARE some discussions in the Dev Team community on this topic here, where I learned the confirmed fact that the first generation iphone could be updated to the latest iPhone OS 3.0 safely. In summary, the basic steps are: DFU downgrade to 2.0.2, pwn it(unlock) by QuickPwnRC2, then UPDATE to iPhone OS 3.0. Done.

So this afternoon i decided to give it a try(I know it’s in beta and buggy, but its new features(official version here) are really attractive, esp. just after i watched the presentation).

Some screenshots below, to give you an idea of what the latest iPhone OS 3.0 will look like.


Now let’s back to the topic of how I managed to get there.

But before that, let me explain where I am: firmware 2.2.1, iTunes 8.1, and an very old iphone(BL 3.9, 4G capacity).

I first downgraded the phone to 2.0.2 in DFU mode(here’s the youtube how-to video in case you need it). Then I downloaded QuickPwnRC2.zip(download link). Until now, everything is fine. But when I launch QuickPwnRC2.exe to start pwning, the problem came.

I stucked in the ‘select firmware’ screen.  I tried re-downgrade, find another QuickPwnRC2 download link , but no luck.

I then decided to give QuickPwnRC3 a try(‘coz at least someone said it worked too). Of course the pwnage process went successfully as expected.Then I shift+update to iPhone OS 3.0(iPhone1,1_3.0_7A238j_Restore.ipsw, torrent file(3G OS 3.0 included as well) here: http://tinyurl.com/chycn5).

And here came the ‘unexpected surprise'(‘coz most guys said RC2, not RC3,is the real magic): my iPhone, with OS 3.0 installed, kept activated 🙂 🙂

But I just celebrated too early. ‘Coz when I started to rename the phone(untitled playlist to Cui) and hit enter to confirm, the phone suddenly rebooted. And after it came alive, the screen  became the emgercy-call one, which means I failed: activation is needed 🙁 🙁

Even though i don have a backup phone, and normally I used my phone most in the Monday, I still wanna give it a second try. By it, i mean, QuickPwnRC3. At that time, i thought perhaps I would make it after the first failed DFU-downgrade-then-upgrade try. You know, I do had similar experience before in the unlocking steps..

So I put the phone into DFU mode again, downgrade to 2.0.2, then make QuickPwnRC3 to unlock the phone(actually the phone has been keeping unlocked all over. Here choose unlock is actually to take use of RC3’s activation actions). Then launch iTunes and shift-update to iPhone OS 3.0.

The iPhone kept activated and unlocked when done, not surprisingly. Then I synced with iTunes after announcing it as a new phone. Sync finished successfully. I then played a little on the new OS. Well, features are there. sweet. Just some functions, sometime, are a little bit slow. Well, beta, understandable, right?

In the end, I thought perhaps I should try a reboot and see if this time the phone would be locked or not. I then pressed the on/off key, slide to power off, waited the spinning icon going off for a while, then power it on, wait until the spring board launched.

Now guess what? No emergency-call screen, just down to the home screen! Yeah! I’m done! Cheers!!  🙂

So, if you wanna do the upgrade yourself, please make sure your phone is the 2G version. and you’re fully prepared.

Good luck.

iPhone 3.0: ‘This Summer’

iPhone OS 3.0 is coming. There ARE really lots of exciting features announced by Apple, like MMS, Cut’n’Paste, Universal Search, blablabla. CNet has a detailed list here. Very nice.

Among all of those, sure the Copy, Cut and Paste is what I want most. MMS as the second. But it says MMS is for iPhone 3G ONLY, due to ‘a different ratio‘ that iPhone 2G may not support.

That’s weird, really, ‘coz the 3rd party app SwirlyMMS has already support for MMS in the iPhone 2G for almost years. Anyway, I’m pretty sure someone will fix it for us 🙂

Apple says the iPhone OS 3.0 will come to us in ‘this summer’. Are you looking forward to its coming?

I am.

On 2.2.1 Now

Yesterday i’ve updated my iphone from firmware 2.2 to the latest firmware 2.2.1. Then JBed it by QuickPwn 2.5 by Dev-Team. Everything works fine, even several of my favorite 3rd-party apps for firmware 2.2 still can be able to be running very well, like iCosta 2.2 PinYin , OpenSSH + BossPref, and UCWeb 6.

2.2.1 is said to fix some bugs and make Safari more stable, well, that’s what they said. Perhaps one day of 2.2.1 experience is not enough for me to point it out.

My Experience on iPhone 2.0

i’ve just updated my iphone(BL 3.9, first-gen 4G version) from firmware 1.1.4 to the new 2.0 by the newly released winpwn. Actually I pwned the phone twice, first with winpwn 2.0.2 and second with winpwn 2.0.3(download).

I am a little bit excited about some of the new features in 2.0, even if until now I only played with it for 2 days. Here’s why i’m saying that.

1.full system-level international support
iphone 2.0-international support

For Chinese iphone owners like me, we can choose either of Simplified Chinese and Traditional Chinese. Accordingly we have the input method and region format.Yes, we’ve got hand-writing input method too, as picture shows above.

Besides, we can read gb2312-encoded Chinese email now.

2.App Store

This is the coolest part. Tons of apps in the store and you are just one-click away to them.You may also feel surprised when you are playing with those really creative apps, like WritingPad(reviewed by ipodtouchfans.com) and midomi(youtube video). I do. I really do.

However, in order to take full use of the App Store, you need an valid iTunes account. And generally you have to provide some payment details in the registration process, like an Visa credit card info. This may block some people. Hackint0sh has a post here where i found this solution. For the phone number and address, i filled with Apple’s own info 😉

3.some new features, like Contact Search, WiFi-only mode, Exchange support etc.

Some of you may feel more excited on Exchange support or Contact Search. Sure they deserve. But for me,I think wifi-only does help. I do have that kinda moment when I wanna browse the web while keeping the phone off. Not possible in firmware 1.1.4 and below.

These are all the reasons that drive me to do the upgrade. But, nothing is perfect. iPhone 2.0 still needs improvement as well. As to my experience, 2.0 is a little bit slower, less stable than 1.1.4. Perhaps that’s why Apple is pushing the testing on 2.0.1 now. Guess they’ll relesae it soon.

Last but not least, currently there are very fewer native 3-rd party unofficial applications in 2.0 than in 1.1.4. To update or not, you decide.

Check Out iPhone’s Firmware Updates History

I’ve just collected all of the iphone’s published firmware features in one page here. So if you want to know what those ff version exactly means, either for fun or decision-making of whether or not to do the upgrade now, you may take a look.

And i’ll keep it up to date.

For me, I’ll do the 1.1.3 soft-upgrade once any Chinese IME(either iCosta or NativeCN) is ready for 1.1.3. Very soon, i guess.