GWT in iPhone is Blocked in China

Not just in the Wifi network as shown in the screenshot left, same in CMCC’s cellular network. That’s why I guess it’s blocked by the  famous GFW.

And I don’t know exactly when GWT started becoming unavailable here in Beijing. I don’t know the reason either. Not mention when it will come back.

But I won’t leave Google Reader for that, since I’m addicting to the Buzz right now, who’s tightly integrated with Google Reader’s Share feature.

In the meantime, I’d like to trying some more native news client like NYTimes, Time Mobile and infzm(Chinese, App Store), ‘coz they can provide a better reading experience.

Google Friend Connect Enabled Here

Just add the support to the Google Friend Connect here in this blog yesterday by the fantastic WP plugin FriendConnect Login .

All it means is, for those of you who’d like to comment but do not wanna filling those required info(name,email)  and do own a Google Account, you will then be able to comment immediately now, if you already signed in with your Google Account.

Thought it’s called Google Account, it does support some other non-Google account services actually, like Yahoo, AIM,OpenID and NetLog. You may check Google’s official page for more details.

Besides, I did try to enable support to Facebook Connect, but failed unfortunately. I’ll try it later.

You are also encouraged to let me know your frequently used account service name by leaving a comment here, so that I can check if it’s possible to support it here. You know, I don wanna install too many plugins, ‘coz that won’t be good to the site’s performance.


Optimized Search for iPhone

Maybe you already know that Google Mobile Team has made lots of improvements on the page of search results for the mobile devices like iPhone(link created by online proxy, ‘coz blogspot has been blocked by GFW), here’s what I’ve found on what the details are on

1. Universal search for sure

I’ve checked the search results one by one by taking a comparison with on my laptop searching for the same keyword.

Yes, they are the same.

2.Mobile formatted


Absolutely my favorite feature, always. ‘Coz that will take a big cut the traffic and reduce much cost accordingly when I use it on the China Mobile’s network.

Strongly recommend it, esp. when you use iphone a lot to surf the net in the cellular network.

Google Reader: GWT is back!!

My request(actually ‘our’ request) is fulfilled by Google now. That’s really COOL!

I’ve tried Readerburner iphone version before, when GWT is not allowed. It works fine, the only limitation i think is that i can’t import all my own feeds there.

Now i’ll swich back to Google Reader, and keep readerburner bookmarked as well.

One Feature Request for New Google Reader

In the morning of July 12, 2008(Beijing Time), as usual, I launched Google Reader from my Safari’ bookmarks in the iphone and wanna see if anything could interest me a little.

Guess what? I didn see the old and familiar Reader interface. Instead, i saw the New one. Actually i did try it when it’s still beta before. I even bookmarked it, for later use.

The New Reader is cool, in some way. However, there’s one very important feature missing compared to the Old one: mobiled the targeted html pages. Let me remind you of that with the following screenshot.

Google Reader for iPhone - Webpage Reformatted

Why is it such an important feature, anyway? You may wonder. Well, I’ve explained before on this post. And after some googling, I’ve found i’m not the only one.

There’s a post titled See original – mobile vs. full HTML – Please fix created by mangala8 in the Google Reader Team’s groups, which exactly says the same thing. I already left my agree comment there.

So in all, we’d like to see this cut feature could be able to appear in the New Reader again some time in future.

I have no idea of how Google chooses the features for their product, but I do hear that Google treats user feedback very seriously. Hopefully Google will not let us down this time.

Google Reader for iPhone: Two UI Tweaks

google reader add feedgoogle reader discover feed

1. Newly added ‘Add subscription’
See screenshots above. By clicking that link, you will be navigated to the feed discovering page, where you can easily search and add more subscriptions you like.

2. clicking ‘See original’ will Open a new browser window
See the picture below for the page where the ‘See original’ link is.
google reader see original

It’s a much more browsing-friendly than before while opening the link in the same window. You will know it if you read news via feeds every day like me.

If you enter in iphone’s safari browser, by default you will redirect to sometime, which may not be what you want. If so, try

I know it’s a Chinese PinYin for the word ‘mobile'(移动), but it does be able to take you to google’s default global-search, other than the Chinese-only one.

Besides,there you can also see the google’s new move on web apps esp. for iphone as below.

Google Apps For iPhone(v2)

PR Update To 3

 PageRank Updated To 3

Not too much news on this PageRank update so far. But now that both Search Engine Roundtable and searchnewz have reported similar PR drop cases, guess i should say today is my day 🙂

Well, it’s not easy anyway. About two and an half months has passed since the last update on the end of Oct. 2007. and during these days this site has been kept posting new and original articles all along. Google may see this and think time to present a reward now

Cheers 🙂