GWT in iPhone is Blocked in China

Not just in the Wifi network as shown in the screenshot left, same in CMCC’s cellular network. That’s why I guess it’s blocked by the  famous GFW.

And I don’t know exactly when GWT started becoming unavailable here in Beijing. I don’t know the reason either. Not mention when it will come back.

But I won’t leave Google Reader for that, since I’m addicting to the Buzz right now, who’s tightly integrated with Google Reader’s Share feature.

In the meantime, I’d like to trying some more native news client like NYTimes, Time Mobile and infzm(Chinese, App Store), ‘coz they can provide a better reading experience.

Google Reader: GWT is back!!

My request(actually ‘our’ request) is fulfilled by Google now. That’s really COOL!

I’ve tried Readerburner iphone version before, when GWT is not allowed. It works fine, the only limitation i think is that i can’t import all my own feeds there.

Now i’ll swich back to Google Reader, and keep readerburner bookmarked as well.