Activate and Jailbreak iPhone OS 3.0 Beta 3 by Unoffical QuickPwn 3.0

Yeah, I’m on the latest OS 3.0 beta 3(iPhone1,1_3.0_7A280f_Restore.ipsw, go to mybittorrent and search for it) right now already πŸ™‚

Credits goes to the Russian hacker who released the QuickPwn-030-3, by which you can activate and jailbreak the latest beta 3 OS.

My way to the beta 3 was not as smooth as expected, however.

The first time I shift+restore the phone to the beta 3 surely worked. But the problem was when it’s done I couldn’t get it out of the DFU mode. Really weird.

So I had to do the whole things again. and this time I was lucky. It worked.

BTW, in order to not to let the phone activated by the iTunes when first time the phone was connected to the computer just after the restore process, I chose to take the SIM card out all the time. I have no idea if it will work if keeping the SIM in.

Good luck.

iPhone 3G Unlocked!

This is done by the well-known DevTeam, AGAIN. See the official news on their blog here. and as said, ‘The target release date for the unlock is New Year’s Eve 2008.

So for those iPhone 3G ‘unoffcial’ owners, please keep an close eye on the DevTeam’s blog. And don forget to show your appreciation if possible.

Good Luck and Farewell, Dev Team!

The most respectful and well-known developer group in iphone hacking field, iphone dev team, has been eliminated! check out the official press release on their site here. here’s the quote:


The “DevTeam” would like to announce the immediate withdrawal from the iPhone development arena.

It was anticipated that the DevTeam would be releasing a tool for the iPhone sometime this week, unfortunately it has been decided to withdraw all development activities on this tool.

Criticism of the validity of the tool has been reported in the press and certain actions were taken to prevent the release of the tool on the 30th March.

Due to these actions, certain developers ceased their work immediately, with others reconsidering their position.

On Monday the 31st of March the DevTeam was approached by an unnamed party to sell all of thei intellectual property and related applications.

After much consideration the offer was accepted and work has ceased.

The name of the company that has made this offer is private, and the details of the deal are confidential.

Our only comment is that Pwnage Tool and other such applications will not be seen outside of the lab.

We would like to thank our users for their support over the last 10 months.


Really frustrated at this, ‘coz they are the one that owns my full respect and now they are gone. same goes to the long-awaited pwnage project. What do we expect from the iphone hacking field tomorrow, then?!

Anyway, they have done so much to us. and they should have a good ending. hopefully their hacking spirits will be kept and reserved in the following hacking guys. for now, let me say:

Good luck and Farewell, iPhone Dev Team.

Update(Apr.1,2008): So glad to learn that i’m just been fooled πŸ™‚

iPhone 1.1.4 Fix: Safari Can’t Remember Password

Β greader-remember me

For those iphoners who unlocked their iphones by iPlus, they should have the same problem as i do.

The reason is because the user ‘mobile’ under which Safari is running has no permission to save the cookies.

And the fix is pretty easy, run chmod -R 777 /private/var/mobile/Library/Cookies on the iphone by Term-v100 or Putty.

Source: Hackint0sh.

Install Addons on Firefox 3 Beta 3

I just updated my firefox 3b2 to 3b3 this morning. After reading this review by MozillaLinks, guess you will do the same as i did πŸ™‚

However, there’s problem coming: i can’t use my previous addons which i really rely on so much. After some googling I finally got this cool Nightly Tester Tools from here.

I installed it immediately. Then i went to ‘Tools’->’Add-ons’ dialog, find the ‘Nightly Tester Tools’ on ‘Extensions’ tab, Click ‘Options’ and navigate to ‘Add-ons’ to ‘Disable add-on compatibility checking’ and then restart firefox.
nto-disable checking

It’s time foryou to get all of your those favorite addons back now. Enjoy.

Huge iPhone Unlock Progress Achieved

First, BL 4.6 + BB 04.02.13_G is done by the young well-known iphone-unlocking genius George Hotz(a.k.a GeoHot). Here’s his announcement on his blog. What does this means? Well, it means anyone who plans to use iphone on any unofficial carrier network can go to get an iphone without any hesitation for now. For OTB or upgraded 1.1.2 or 1.1.3, try Ziphone . For others, use google.

Second, one of FF 1.1.3’s exploits founded by Dev Team. So what does this mean, again? It means 1.1.3 has been jailbroken. It means you can try the newly-added features in the latest firmware yourself. Without this, you will never ever get Ziphone.

Last but not least, BL 4.6 downgraded to BL 3.9. Done by GeoHot, Again. I know your question. And here’s my understandings. Tutorial here by aCujo.

Basically, it means you can make your 1.1.3 OTB iphone fully functional(hopefully) while staying at the up-to-date 04.03 BB.

Besides, if GeoHot continues his awesome job, a customized BL would be possible. That means, most likely, the hacking community will take a big step advance in the cat-and-mouse battle against Apple. For the iphone owners like me, we will benefit so much from that. Say no worry of no available unlock method at all when we do the upgrade in iTunes πŸ™‚

Fix: Customize Doesn’t Work On 1.1.2

If you are in iphone firmware 1.1.2 and wanna re-arrange the icons of springboard via Customize, you may find you can’t for now, ‘coz Customize will crash at the booting spicychicken screen. There’s a lot of bugs reporting this as well.

Actually it’s a permission issue, just set the executable’s permission to 4755 will fix it. You can make it either by WinSCP or other terminal client like Putty. As to the latter, here’s the command line:

chmod 4755 /Applications/

If still failed, try a reset or reboot.

1.1.3 BL 3.9 Unlock Comming Soon!!

Just got it from hacktintosh. Very exciting news, isn’t it? πŸ™‚

BTW, actually just tried to update my iphone from 1.0.2 to 1.1.3 recently. But in the final end i failed. As a result, i’m on 1.1.2 now.

If the software unlocking for bootloader 3.9 firmware 1.1.3 would be released very soon as said, then I’ll be waiting for it without a second 1.1.3 soft-upgrade try.

iPhone 1.1.3 H/W Unlocked!!

Believe it or not, iPhone 1.1.3 firmware just released three days ago has been hardware unlocked!!

Photo by the unlock team.


It’s said that unlocking process is very complicated, totally different from the software unlocking, and it’s not for normal users, so it won’t be open to the public.

However, there’s an old saying: if winter passed already, then spring is not far away, right?  πŸ™‚

My Top 10 3rd-Party Native Apps For iPhone

There are tons of native apps for iphone already, no matter your ff is 1.0.x or 1.1.x. And there are tons of favorite app lists already by different people in different criteria. I don know how much you agree with them, but here’s mine. And the criteria is simple: free.

1.iCosta – the first native and system level Chinese input method. Absolutely No.1.
2.Installer – The one which makes the installation of following native apps pretty straightforward. A must, too.
3.MobileFinder – The first file system explorer and management tool. For me, most likely it works as kinda launcher
4.rSBT – The tool I used to re-arrange my springboard. Yes, i know SummerBoard. but I still prefer this one due to its simplicity and less resource requirement.
5.SMSD – Almost replaced my default And the author is keeping on working to make it better. I’ve talked it before.
6.Books – The ebook reader. Absolutely one of the first 3rd party native apps for iphone.
7.SwirlyMMS – The first and only MMS app for iphone until now. Even though it’s still lack of some key features like MMS receiving, it’s still worth to be in the list. And the feeling is great when I send the pictures to my friends successfully.
8.ScreenShot – A screen capture tool with GUI. Most of the pictures in this site are created by it, except the very early ones by the command tool.
9.TuneWiki – Lyrics showing while listening music. Very impressive, not only for its functions, but also for its idea of syncing lyrics by taking full use of the community. Only one thing, when can i see some Chinese song’s lyrics?
10.weDict – Dictionary, esp. for people whose mother language is not english. If you wanna know how to add your local dictionaries to weDict, read my previous post here.

One more thing, there’s some very valuable tools i didn’t cover, like jailbreaking toolkit and SSH server etc, because for most of iphone users they are transparent and hidden. Perhaps, that’s what foundation means πŸ™‚

That’s it. Also, hackintosh has one sticky post talking about this. You may check it out if you are interested.