iCosta Updated to 1.2.8

Title says all.

Source from the iCosta official blog(Chinese) here, which says the update fixed the bug of the iCosta’s easy crash when not-enough system memory left.

I myself did see a few crashes by icosta before, esp. in the SMS.app when I wanna reply and ready to type in the input box. That kinda crash really drove me crazy.

Hopefully it wouldn’t happen any more.

Update(Sep.17,2009): title modified based on the author says 1.2.8 also works on the latest 3.1 too.

Update(Sep.22,2009): the install source is http://iphone.freecoder.org/apt, fyi.

Update(Sep.28,2009): iCosta 1.2.8 works well on the latest iPhone firmware 3.1.

iCosta 1.1.0 Is Done


iCosta 1.1.0 finally supports phase input from now on, see pictures below(from icosta dev site).

Even though the private phase dictionary is still relatively small, better than nothing, anyway. Hopefully next iCosta could support self-learning(customization) on phase input, just like the WeFIT already does.

On Fully Functional 1.1.4 Now

The reason i decided to update my iphone is as below:

1. the unlock works for sure.
2. the newly updated iCosta 1.1.0 supports 1.1.4 now.
3. of course 1.1.4 has some improvements as well. Personally what i’m interested is the one about cell signal.
And here’s the steps i did. In all, pretty easy and smooth.

1.Use iTunes to sync your iphone and make sure everything backuped. Then Shift+Restore to 1.1.4.
2.Download iPlus 1.2 and International Pack. Credit goes to aviegas.
3.Unzip the iPlus1.2.zip to your local harddisk, say c:\iplus1.2. Rename the existed payload.zip to payload-zip.bak. Then copy the downloaded payload_international.zip to c:\iplus1.2 and rename it as payload.zip.
4. Go to c:/iplus1.2 under command line and then run iplus -u. After couple of reboot and boom, the iphone has been activated, jailbroken and unlocked!!
5. Launch iTunes and restore back all of your original settings. and you are done!!

So for now I’m on 1.1.4 now, both firmware and baseband. And i checked youtube, google maps and Settings as well. All works fine. Last but least, i saw the cell signal. So, are you gonna stay where you are or go to 1.1.4 next?

iCosta:The First System-Level Chinese Input Method in iPhone

Yeah! All chinese iphone owners can now enter chinese characters in any iphone applications now! Yes, you get it: a platform IME! COOL,right? :-):-):-)

Oh, I forgot its name: iCosta. And now version is 0.9.

If you use Installer (AppTApp), please launch Safari in iphone to visit here. Then follow the instructions and reboot your iphone;
If you use iBrickr, then download iCosta.pxl and install from your local disk. Don’t forget to reboot your iphone, either.

And the switch between en keyboard and ch is “.124” key. Try it out now! Time to say goodbye to my installed SMS chin apps now with much appreciation 🙂

Update(Sep.25,2008): for now, iCosta has updated to 1.2.3(Chinese) for the new iPhone OS 2.0.x and 2.1. You can get it through Cydia. Currently iCosta is still my preferred IME for Chinese.

Update(Sep.16,2009): 1.2.8 for 3.0&3.0.1 released.