Access Twitter and Facebook in China

If you plan to use twitter for iphone(iTunes) in a place where twitter dot com has been blocked, like me, then i recommend you to take a look at twip.


twip is a twitter API Proxy in php,like birdnest.

twip is licensed under Mozilla Public License 1.1

If you are a user and want to have your own API proxy, please read ForUser Guide.

If you are a client developer and want to support twip in your client, please read ForDeveloper Guide

In my testing until now it works like a charm!!
And it’s great to breathe the free air.

And yep, i’ve also tried hard to find an facebook proxy. Those online proxies out there either are blocked already, or on the way to be.

Same to those free VPN solutions(Paid one is a good solution to the gfw blocking, if you’re willing to pay).

Tor(and the bridge part) is a little bit slow to me. And i tried also to setup my own with the help of phpproxy, and unfortunately failed(fk gfw, and the creator fxd!).

So for now I still use GAppProxy in my computers, though ssl problem happens time to time. In the iPhone due to the ssl issue, those fb and twitter apps that require ssl cert to authenticate has no luck for sure.

Hope it helps.

Use iPhone to Update Tao Weibo

It’s been a LONG time since my last post, really. Over three months. Long indeed. Why soooooo long? The answer is Tao Weibo, a micro-blogging service powered by StatusNet aiming to accumulate the record of TaoTao‘s growing up experience, either painful or pleasant, happy or sad. ‘Coz we believe in the end they all are  significant parts of memory.

One of the reasons I choose StatusNet is because it has an iPhone app called StatusNet Mobile(iTunes), by which the taken photos in the phone could be easily uploaded. Normally I will resize picture to a lower resolution by the free SimpleResize app, ‘coz that will cut down the traffic cost and fast the upload speed when the phone is in cellular network. If you wanna add some effects to the original photo, I may launch the free photo editing tool iRetouch Lite to make it.

And I just found the short message would be much more nice and cute with some emoji added, since I happened to update the phone to the whited00r firmware v3.3 that seamlessly supports emoji keyboard. And StatusNet Mobile does support emoji, too.

However, only when your prime browser support emoji then can you see them well. Chrome user please install this extension, Firefox user please follow this guide. IE user? sorry.

Cui – On My Way is back!

After couple of hours data migration work, I finally got this:

almost all valued contents of the blocked blog has been transferred to this new address

That is to say, Cui – On My Way is back. And reloaded in the new URI as promised before(not by sub-domain,but sub-virtual directory).

And I’ll keep it updated as usual. For friends like you, your visit and comments are warmly welcomed as usual as well.

Watch 2010 CCTV Spring Festival Gala on iPhone

As reported(Chinese),  people can watch the coming 2010 CCTV Spring Festival Gala on their iPhone by CNTV‘s CCTV Mobile iPhone application, which I’ve talked before.  Screen shot above is captured at the time of writing.

Though the report did mentioned that Apple has agreed to give this application a big recommendation on its homepage(no clue on exactly which one, AppStore or somewhere else?), at least until now I haven’t seen it on neither of them.

Anyway, if you are not be able to watch this traditional party show via TV or PC, perhaps you can give this application[iTunes Store] a try, though personally I’ve been spending less and less time on the gala year by year.

iPad: My Answer to What-is

iPad is a browser?
Yeah, you said it. Actually it’s the best internet browser in this planet ever. Pinch, Zoom In & Out, Speed, yep, in all these respects. Safari works great, which has been proved in the iPhone. Now it comes to iPad. So it would be very easy for you iPhone owners to catch up here.

iPad is an ebook reader?
Absolutely. Apple even created a new application named iBook for this purpose. With iBook, you can get the ebook with one click, just like you do applications by AppStore, music by iTunes. Furthermore, the reading experience is ‘gorgeous’ and ‘phenomenal‘, esp. the part of paging up and down. You can even stick to the same page by paging up a little bit, exactly the same when you do a real reading in the printed book(video here). Not mentioned that your book are rendered on a shiny 9.7 inch wide-screen in the resolution of 1024-by-768-pixel at 132 pixels per inch(ppi).

iPad is a gaming device?
You bet. Did i mention iPad has an 1GHz Apple A4 custom-designed, high-performance, low-power system-on-a-chip CPU? Plus the whole multi-touch screen. You already played couple of games in the iPhone/iTouch, right? Very cool, isn’t it? Now with the new hardware, you can imagine how you will feel the new iPad games are coming.

iPad is an iPod, an photo organizer, an email client, an navigator?
True, to all of them. Larger screen, better viewing experience, faster and more powerful than iPhone. However, big size reduces its portability. You cannot put iPad into your pocket as you do to iPod. Actually we cannot expect one single device to do all things and meet all needs. That’s not fair, isn’t?

iPad is an phone?
No, at least officially no any phone functions until now, though iPad does have a model of  Wifi+3G. So iPad can’t take the place of your iPhone, either.

Do I need an iPad?
It depends. If you spend a lot of time on reading, including browsing the web and reading an ebook, or on gaming, and are willing to be an early adopter of Apple’s cool gadget, personally I think iPad is worth of a try.

Well, that’s my answer to the question of what iPad is. What’s yours, my friend? Share with me in the comments, please.

Happy New Year 2010

BTW, 2010 is the year of Tiger. sorry, Woods, don mean you here.

Enjoy, my dear friends and readers.


1.300k iphone has been sold until Dec.27, Dec by China Unicom(Chinese). And China Unicom’s gonna present a big marketing campaign in eight big cities from Jan.1 to 3 of 2010(Chinese,again. sorry).

2.I’m expecting the Wonder of Apple’s Tablet as well on Jan.6, how about you?

CCTV App for iPhone

[iTunes Store]

CCTV, the biggest video content owner of China and the state-owned tv station, has released its official free application for iPhone platform: CCTV National Mobile TV.

Built upon CCTV’s news, sports, entertainment, music, animation and other content, this product provides you with a brand-new experience of watching TV programs from China Central Television (CCTV).

凭借着CCTV旗下新闻、体育、娱乐、影视、音乐、动漫等强大的资源优势,该产品为您提供了内容丰富的各类精彩节目。CCTV手机电视会对国内外各类热点 事件,各类重大体育赛事,各类综艺节目进行详细的播报。您可以随心随意选择,随时随地收看CCTV众多拥有独家版权的精品节目。

I’ve tried it yesterday. My first try is in the morning and it’s a failture ‘coz all the videos cannot be played at all. However later in the evening when I tried again, the video played very smoothly. All that I can say is it’s not as stable as expected.

So far all the content are not live, but VoD. However, the news part are updated so frequently, which makes it almost ‘live'(almost as soon as it’s played on TV).

The videos are from 32 well-known columns covering 8 channels(CCTV 1~5,CCTV-7,CCTV-12 and CCTV-News) . Besides, there are also 9 topic-centered videos including Shanghai EXPO and 11th National Sports etc. As to the Top chart, it’s just another view of the 32 columns.

It’s not as good as expected, but better than nothing.

A New Theme

I’ve been using whiteasmilk theme on this blog for a long time. I myself do love those kinda simple but classical themes,you know, text-centered, very few colors, eye-friendly fonts etc, just like whiteasmilk.

However, in order to make this blog a little bit ‘holiday’ with the coming long National Day Holidays, I decide to get a new theme for celebration.

That’s why you see Redtopia, my final choice after hours of googling and testing.

The big/small roses are for the country’s 60 birthday. The main red-only color seems just in time for my celebration purpose. So that’s it.

Hope you enjoy it as i do.

iCosta Updated to 1.2.8

Title says all.

Source from the iCosta official blog(Chinese) here, which says the update fixed the bug of the iCosta’s easy crash when not-enough system memory left.

I myself did see a few crashes by icosta before, esp. in the when I wanna reply and ready to type in the input box. That kinda crash really drove me crazy.

Hopefully it wouldn’t happen any more.

Update(Sep.17,2009): title modified based on the author says 1.2.8 also works on the latest 3.1 too.

Update(Sep.22,2009): the install source is, fyi.

Update(Sep.28,2009): iCosta 1.2.8 works well on the latest iPhone firmware 3.1.