iTunes Store Unblocked

After being blocked for about a week since last Monday, iTunes Store has been unblocked and come back to live this morning.Now you can access it by either iTunes on the computer or App Store on the iphone.

Cheers! 🙂

I can install those of my favorite free apps now.

Update(Aug,24,2008): Here’s the screenshot of proof at the time of this updating.


Huge iPhone Unlock Progress Achieved

First, BL 4.6 + BB 04.02.13_G is done by the young well-known iphone-unlocking genius George Hotz(a.k.a GeoHot). Here’s his announcement on his blog. What does this means? Well, it means anyone who plans to use iphone on any unofficial carrier network can go to get an iphone without any hesitation for now. For OTB or upgraded 1.1.2 or 1.1.3, try Ziphone . For others, use google.

Second, one of FF 1.1.3’s exploits founded by Dev Team. So what does this mean, again? It means 1.1.3 has been jailbroken. It means you can try the newly-added features in the latest firmware yourself. Without this, you will never ever get Ziphone.

Last but not least, BL 4.6 downgraded to BL 3.9. Done by GeoHot, Again. I know your question. And here’s my understandings. Tutorial here by aCujo.

Basically, it means you can make your 1.1.3 OTB iphone fully functional(hopefully) while staying at the up-to-date 04.03 BB.

Besides, if GeoHot continues his awesome job, a customized BL would be possible. That means, most likely, the hacking community will take a big step advance in the cat-and-mouse battle against Apple. For the iphone owners like me, we will benefit so much from that. Say no worry of no available unlock method at all when we do the upgrade in iTunes 🙂

A Cheery Wave from Stranded Youngsters

You know what the title means? I don’t, until I google it and find out it’s the name of a song by Mogwai.

You know why I put it here? ‘Coz it’s shown in my iphone somehow this morning!

Although i haven’t figure out what’s exactly the repro steps are, I do know it’s related to the sync between iphone and iTunes, esp. when something goes wrong, like iphone is disconnected before iTunes has completed the sync or something like that.

I’m sorry i didn’t take the picture. But if you have seen it, you may understand what i’m talking about. Guess what? I think Mogwai is, perhaps, one of some Apple iPhone engineer or product manager’s favorite bands. And that’s why he or she put this easter egg into iPhone.

Rename Your iPhone

Everyone may know this how-to already, I guess, except me 🙁   Actually I’m a little shame of myself ‘coz it’s about 3 months ago when i got my iphone.

I found the answer from one post from Apple Support.

Renaming is done by iTunes, other than iPhone itself. See the picture below and you’ll get it immediately.

rename iphone by iTunes

After renaming iTunes will automatically sync with the iPhone at once.And after that, you are done.

BTW, my iphone is ff 1.0.2 and iTunes is

Mp3Tag:Add Album Art Easily for Songs in iPhone

As said,

“Mp3tag is a powerful and yet easy-to-use tool to edit metadata (ID3, Vorbis Comments and APE) of common audio formats.”

I love two of its features most:
1. batch edit tag info
Just add the album songs into Mp3Tag then edit as whatever you want. very awesome.

2. get album art from online database like amazon.
since this feature highly depend on your orginal mp3’s orginal tag info which most likely are very few sometimes even wrong,  I for now still use google image search to get the picture for the album manually, then set it with the above feature.

Of course, Mp3Tag is free. I love freeware 🙂
And sure you can donate to them if you could.