How to Enable MMS on iPhone 2G


This is tested in my iphone 2G using China Mobile’s GoTone(全球通) service by my Windows Xp laptop.

1.Install ActivateMMS2G via Icy or Cydia by adding manually this rep . Credit goes to hackint0sh user ‘micked’ on this post.

2.Install this customized carrier bundle CMCC_Cui via iTunes by following this tutorial by iclarified.

This installation is to fix the issue of cannot saving the MMS APN settings after the step 1.

Besides, i’ve just updated the carrier logo for China Mobile. See the screenshot above, on the top-left corner, the icon, which originally is chinese characters of 中国移动.

And one more things, for all Windows users that still haven’t find a tool to edit the .plist file, here’s the one for you: pledit.exe.

3. Check your Settings->General->Network->Cellular Data Network, make sure everything goes the same as the picture below shows.


4. Go to Settings->Messages, turn MMS Messaging on.

5. Reboot and enjoy.

SwirlyMMS v1.0 for $8

SwirlyMMS v1.0 beta is finally out there.

It’s long-waited as it promises some big enhancements, like built-in MMS reader, sound and video mms support, mms email-like actions like reply and forward, and something more as well.

Just one more thing, if you wanna use it later on your phone, you have to pay for that. $8, that’s the price. Not free any more.

Well, That’s understood. Good work deserves more.

Keep good working and they’ll get a good luck.

BTW, this is a report from iResearch(chinese), by which you may know how big the MMS cake is.

iresearch:2006-2010 global mms

Use As A MMS Reader

Before SwirlyMMS offcially starts supporting MMS reading function, now you can take use of the as the a temp MMS reader. And here’s the how-to:

1.install both and SwirlyMMS from Installer.

Make sure both work well. You’d better download at least one book and one piece of MMS to check if they can func as expected. If you can’t, then you have to manually create the regarding folders.

2.enter command line by either Term-v100 on your iphone or Putty on your compute. You know how to do it, do you? the following command one by one(case sensitive):

cd /var/root/Media/EBooks

ln -s /var/mobile/Media/MMSFiles MMS


MMS Files in Books.appMMS Contents in

So, now you can see basically the whole point is to fool the by a fake ‘book link’ which actually is where the MMS files are saved. One of the good thing is, now i can read Chinese MMS while i can’t in Also, i can delete the obsolete MMS files easily by the’s Delete function.

So, + = A Full, not bad, huh 😉

Source: 关于SwirlyMMS的使用问题的分析–先谈乱码的解决 【原创】

Receive MMS In Beijing By SwirlyMMS

Finally SwirlyMMS comes to the long-expected version 0.3, where MMS receiving is supposed to be done.

It’s said the new version should be available on Installer in 24 hrs. For people waiting it for such a long time like me,  just can’t wait any more. So here’s how it works on my 1.1.3 iphone(soft-upgraded, i.e. 1.1.2 BB):

1.Uninstall the previous v0.2 and restart iphone(restart may not be necessary, but anyway, that’s what i did);
2.Add into Installer’s source and refresh. You should see a new category called ‘SwirlySpace’ (If you can get the new version in your installer by update checking, then it’s not necessary to add this new source);
3.Enter this category and install it. At this moment it’s 0.3.1_1;
4.Power off and on iphone and launch SwirlyMMS(slide to the red bar and power off. Yes, that’s what the author says);
5.Config the settings like this( i’m a Chinese Mobile GoTone subscriber here in Beijing. Guess it should apply to those who also use China Mobile service and have a data package as well):
APN: cmwap
Username: cmwap (actually this was set by the app itself, according to the APN you’ve given)
6. Now you can try sending and receiving MMS now. Below is my testing result. In short, it WORKS!!

If SwirlyMMS says something like ‘EDGE is unvaible’ when you try to fetch MMS, just turn off your WiFi and try again. Don forget to give it couple of minutes. That’s my case, at least.

Only one little bug: the picture I received sizes 400×300 while it’s set as 300×400 in SwirlyMMS.  I may try more and confirm this.

Anyway it works. and that’s the most important thing, isn’t it? 🙂

Update(Mar.3,2008): No luck on the most latest v0.3.2 any more. It keeps telling me that EDGE/GPRS is unavailable, which,actually, is not true for sure in my testing 🙁

Update(Mar.5,2008): v0.3.3 works like a charm now!! 🙂

MMS Works in Beijing,China

Tonight i did sent the first MMS out successfully in my iphone by the newly updated SwirlyMMS v0.2. Refer to the left below screenshot. The right one shows the specific APN settings.

MMS Sent on iPhone - Beijing, ChinaMMS APN For China Mobile

BTW, I’m one of more than 360M China Mobile subscribers. My number formats 1391xxxxxxx.

However still some confused issues are found and waiting for further investigations, like ‘still can browse normal http-based webpages while the global APN has been changed to cmwap by SwirlyMMS’, ‘what’s the exact steps by which i can send mms out successfully for sure’ etc.

Anyway, one successfully-sent MMS does mean the native MMS app does work here in Beijing,China. And i’ll make more tries and find out more.

Update(Jan.3,2008): here’s the repro steps for you:
1. manually disable wifi;
2. make sure the strength of mobile signal is fine;
3. launch SwirlyMMS;
4. enter title in English.
If in Chinese, SwirlyMMS failed all the time. It’s a bug here.
5. pick the receipants and picture you wanna send.
6. send and done.

Update(Mar.9,2008): please check out the latest SwirlyMMS v0.3.5, which for sure works well on firmware 1.1.3 & 1.1.4.  By ‘well’, i mean, sending and receiving MMS 😉
Now all that I wanna see most next is a built-in MMS reader, which, of course, should be able to read Chinese characters 🙂