Mobile Firefox Alpha 2 Released

(from official site)

With this release, i expect mobile firefox would be much closer to the day of firefox running on the iphone, even though there’s already a saying of that would not happen due to the restriction of Apple’s SDK.

But, people like me who would love to make it happen, just make our voice out and loud and then get heard.

Who knows what will happen, eventually.

Expecting Firefox 3 Beta 2

I myself has been trying firefox 3 beta 1 all the time since it’s released on Nov.19th. As to my experience, memory management has been improved a lot. I did try to keep the browser running the whole day and i did find it never took more than 100MB memory allocation. I’m pretty well satisfied.

Now beta 2 is around the corner. As said, easier to use, faster and less memory usage are the key improving aspects. Wow, just cann’t wait to try it out.

And guess I would not go back to Firefox 2, too, if those of my previously installed add-ons could be upgraded to work under Firefox 3.

Update(Nov 19th,2007): It’s released today. Get it by Help->Check for updates... in Firefox 3 Beta 1.

Firefox 3 Beta 2