Use iPhone to Update Tao Weibo

It’s been a LONG time since my last post, really. Over three months. Long indeed. Why soooooo long? The answer is Tao Weibo, a micro-blogging service powered by StatusNet aiming to accumulate the record of TaoTao‘s growing up experience, either painful or pleasant, happy or sad. ‘Coz we believe in the end they all are  significant parts of memory.

One of the reasons I choose StatusNet is because it has an iPhone app called StatusNet Mobile(iTunes), by which the taken photos in the phone could be easily uploaded. Normally I will resize picture to a lower resolution by the free SimpleResize app, ‘coz that will cut down the traffic cost and fast the upload speed when the phone is in cellular network. If you wanna add some effects to the original photo, I may launch the free photo editing tool iRetouch Lite to make it.

And I just found the short message would be much more nice and cute with some emoji added, since I happened to update the phone to the whited00r firmware v3.3 that seamlessly supports emoji keyboard. And StatusNet Mobile does support emoji, too.

However, only when your prime browser support emoji then can you see them well. Chrome user please install this extension, Firefox user please follow this guide. IE user? sorry.

How To Copy Photos From iPhone To Windows

First, I’m a newbie to the Mac world.

Second, this how-to, actually, is not worth of a mention, ‘coz it’s really too simple to be put here. But I’d still like to share it with those of iphoners who are still unaware of this ‘trick’.

Okay, so here’s the how-to.

iphone as camera on xp

Picture says all, you got that? 🙂

Yes. iPhone will be recognized as a digital camera by Windows after connected via USB.

And then when you double click the ‘Apple iPhone’ icon, you will see a full list of all the photos on your iphone taken by the camera and not capable of being synced by iTunes. Then you can select all and copy them to your local folders wherever you choose.

Update(Jun 4th, 2008): If you didn’t get what you want, which means you wanna copy non-camera-rool-photos to your computer, currently you have two options regarding of my knowledge: 1. commercial software, like Tansee iPhone Transfer Photo ; 2. free one, iThmbConv.exe. As you can see the tool is for iPod from the start, not for iphone, so you may need some additional steps to get the correct-sized photos, esp. when the size of your iphone photo is not the same as iPod’s default size.