iPhone 1.1.3 H/W Unlocked!!

Believe it or not, iPhone 1.1.3 firmware just released three days ago has been hardware unlocked!!

Photo by the unlock team.


It’s said that unlocking process is very complicated, totally different from the software unlocking, and it’s not for normal users, so it won’t be open to the public.

However, there’s an old saying: if winter passed already, then spring is not far away, right?  🙂

Mp3Tag:Add Album Art Easily for Songs in iPhone

As said,

“Mp3tag is a powerful and yet easy-to-use tool to edit metadata (ID3, Vorbis Comments and APE) of common audio formats.”

I love two of its features most:
1. batch edit tag info
Just add the album songs into Mp3Tag then edit as whatever you want. very awesome.

2. get album art from online database like amazon.
since this feature highly depend on your orginal mp3’s orginal tag info which most likely are very few sometimes even wrong,  I for now still use google image search to get the picture for the album manually, then set it with the above feature.

Of course, Mp3Tag is free. I love freeware 🙂
And sure you can donate to them if you could.

How To Copy Photos From iPhone To Windows

First, I’m a newbie to the Mac world.

Second, this how-to, actually, is not worth of a mention, ‘coz it’s really too simple to be put here. But I’d still like to share it with those of iphoners who are still unaware of this ‘trick’.

Okay, so here’s the how-to.

iphone as camera on xp

Picture says all, you got that? 🙂

Yes. iPhone will be recognized as a digital camera by Windows after connected via USB.

And then when you double click the ‘Apple iPhone’ icon, you will see a full list of all the photos on your iphone taken by the camera and not capable of being synced by iTunes. Then you can select all and copy them to your local folders wherever you choose.

Update(Jun 4th, 2008): If you didn’t get what you want, which means you wanna copy non-camera-rool-photos to your computer, currently you have two options regarding of my knowledge: 1. commercial software, like Tansee iPhone Transfer Photo ; 2. free one, iThmbConv.exe. As you can see the tool is for iPod from the start, not for iphone, so you may need some additional steps to get the correct-sized photos, esp. when the size of your iphone photo is not the same as iPod’s default size.