Google Friend Connect Enabled Here

Just add the support to the Google Friend Connect here in this blog yesterday by the fantastic WP plugin FriendConnect Login .

All it means is, for those of you who’d like to comment but do not wanna filling those required info(name,email)  and do own a Google Account, you will then be able to comment immediately now, if you already signed in with your Google Account.

Thought it’s called Google Account, it does support some other non-Google account services actually, like Yahoo, AIM,OpenID and NetLog. You may check Google’s official page for more details.

Besides, I did try to enable support to Facebook Connect, but failed unfortunately. I’ll try it later.

You are also encouraged to let me know your frequently used account service name by leaving a comment here, so that I can check if it’s possible to support it here. You know, I don wanna install too many plugins, ‘coz that won’t be good to the site’s performance.


WPtouch – The Coolest WP Theme for mobile

Just happened to get this new theme from the admin page by the part of plugins->most popular. After a little bit playground I think it deserves a new post to recommend to my readers.

Official website is here. And the latest version is to WP for its very charming feature of installing/upgrading the plugin in the admin page directly. Very nice.)

Below is what this site looks like in the iPhone’s safari browser.


I don have other mobile devices like gPhone or Blackberry, so don know how it performs in that devices. It does look quite nice at least in the iphone.

Besides, it loads fast and the user experience of the whole ajax-powered interface does make me very satisfied. Not mention its very nice feature of allowing the reader to switch between the regular lookings and wptouch version. Really cool, isn’t it?

I should say, with wptouch, time to say goodbye to my long-used iwphone plugin.

Comment Email Responder and iWPhone

If you are looking for an WP plugin by which your reply to the comment on your blog will be automatically sent to the comment owner, you know, to keep you and your valuable reader connected, then Comment Email Responder is just for you.

Comment Email Responder

Another is iWPhone, by which your wordpress blog will be more iphone-friendly. Here’s what my blog looks like. Nice, eh? Can’t wait to get it? ok, visit here for downloading and installation instructions.

my iwphoned blog

Both free plugins work pretty well in my blog. I love them so much. And very appreciate the authors’ good work and love to give them a big thumb up -

OpenID Enabled


I love OpenID, ‘coz i do think it’s the future of the mechanism of authentication and authorization. The more you learn about it, the cooler you will think it is. No wonder why so many big companies are chasing it now, including google,yahoo and microsoft.

And i’ve tried several times to make my site support OpenID by installing some found plugins. but all failed.

Until today i’ve figured it out finally. If your site is powered by the latest wordpress 2.3.2 and you wanna openid, here’s how:

1. install this plugin(by now, it’s version 2.1.2);

2. modify the \openid\Auth\Yadis\Yadis.php according to this comment. as said, remove the “=null” part. that is, from the italic one to the bold one:

function discover($uri, &$fetcher = null,
$extra_ns_map = null, $timeout = 20)

function discover($uri, &$fetcher,
$extra_ns_map, $timeout = 20)

3. now activate the plugin and enjoy.
You can just ignore the warning in the setting page of the plug if you still get it.

BTW, I use PHP 4.

And i encourage you to get your own openid from either as i did or any other providers listed here or spreadopenid. ‘Coz if you do and you wanna leave a comment here, your comment will be shown immediately and no awaiting needed as usual. At least as a piece of cake  😉

Update: It doesn’t work https so far. see my testing comment. If you know other openid plugins for wordpress, please share with me. Thanks.

Update(Jan.18,2008): Now yahoo has choosed to join openid too.

I’ve Got Friendly URLs Here!

I know it’s built-in feature in WP 2.3.1. However, due to i haven’t direct control on the server where my site is hosted in, this plan has to be postponed.

Until tonight i found this very valuable article. Exactly what i wannt: no loss to the traffic and smoothly upgrade to the more SEO-ed url pattern by redirecting.