Receive MMS In Beijing By SwirlyMMS

Finally SwirlyMMS comes to the long-expected version 0.3, where MMS receiving is supposed to be done.

It’s said the new version should be available on Installer in 24 hrs. For people waiting it for such a long time like me,  just can’t wait any more. So here’s how it works on my 1.1.3 iphone(soft-upgraded, i.e. 1.1.2 BB):

1.Uninstall the previous v0.2 and restart iphone(restart may not be necessary, but anyway, that’s what i did);
2.Add into Installer’s source and refresh. You should see a new category called ‘SwirlySpace’ (If you can get the new version in your installer by update checking, then it’s not necessary to add this new source);
3.Enter this category and install it. At this moment it’s 0.3.1_1;
4.Power off and on iphone and launch SwirlyMMS(slide to the red bar and power off. Yes, that’s what the author says);
5.Config the settings like this( i’m a Chinese Mobile GoTone subscriber here in Beijing. Guess it should apply to those who also use China Mobile service and have a data package as well):
APN: cmwap
Username: cmwap (actually this was set by the app itself, according to the APN you’ve given)
6. Now you can try sending and receiving MMS now. Below is my testing result. In short, it WORKS!!

If SwirlyMMS says something like ‘EDGE is unvaible’ when you try to fetch MMS, just turn off your WiFi and try again. Don forget to give it couple of minutes. That’s my case, at least.

Only one little bug: the picture I received sizes 400×300 while it’s set as 300×400 in SwirlyMMS.  I may try more and confirm this.

Anyway it works. and that’s the most important thing, isn’t it? 🙂

Update(Mar.3,2008): No luck on the most latest v0.3.2 any more. It keeps telling me that EDGE/GPRS is unavailable, which,actually, is not true for sure in my testing 🙁

Update(Mar.5,2008): v0.3.3 works like a charm now!! 🙂

SMSD v0.2.3beta1 for 1.1.3

I’m a fan of SMSD since the first day of its release. However, i cannot use it any more after i did the 1.1.3 soft-upgrade, even if there ART some successful reports on the forum somewhere.

Until i found the the latest v0.2.3 beta1(download link) on the author’s homepage.  Just download the zip file, extract the copressed files and then copy them to the right position in your iphone by SSH. Besides, in order to make it working, you have to as the author says:

This is how you enable SMSD Notifier and SMSD Default App preferences in 1.1.3. You need to run SMSD using ssh or Term-vt100. Run following command on the commandline :

# /Applications/

This will start SMSD on your iPhone. Go to More->Preferences and change the preference you want. Since this is executed with root permissions, these changes will stick.

You need to restart your phone if you change default app preference.

Oops, SMSD works well now. Cheers 🙂

Update(Mar.9,2008): SMSD v0.2.3beta1 works well on firmware 1.1.4, too.

MMS Works in Beijing,China

Tonight i did sent the first MMS out successfully in my iphone by the newly updated SwirlyMMS v0.2. Refer to the left below screenshot. The right one shows the specific APN settings.

MMS Sent on iPhone - Beijing, ChinaMMS APN For China Mobile

BTW, I’m one of more than 360M China Mobile subscribers. My number formats 1391xxxxxxx.

However still some confused issues are found and waiting for further investigations, like ‘still can browse normal http-based webpages while the global APN has been changed to cmwap by SwirlyMMS’, ‘what’s the exact steps by which i can send mms out successfully for sure’ etc.

Anyway, one successfully-sent MMS does mean the native MMS app does work here in Beijing,China. And i’ll make more tries and find out more.

Update(Jan.3,2008): here’s the repro steps for you:
1. manually disable wifi;
2. make sure the strength of mobile signal is fine;
3. launch SwirlyMMS;
4. enter title in English.
If in Chinese, SwirlyMMS failed all the time. It’s a bug here.
5. pick the receipants and picture you wanna send.
6. send and done.

Update(Mar.9,2008): please check out the latest SwirlyMMS v0.3.5, which for sure works well on firmware 1.1.3 & 1.1.4.  By ‘well’, i mean, sending and receiving MMS 😉
Now all that I wanna see most next is a built-in MMS reader, which, of course, should be able to read Chinese characters 🙂

SMSD – iPhone SMS Enhancement Tool

One of my friends has been asking me for a way of how to forward an individual SMS on iPhone. After some googling, I’ve got this: iphone-smsd.

The easiest installation is by Actually you can find it in Utilities->SMSD.

The UI is pretty straightforward, so give it a try.

Of course, if you just like it as I do, please join me to say thanks to the author.

Here’s what it looks like:


: Forwarded Chinese SMS cannot be displayed correctly, guess it’s Unicode issue. And currently the author is working on it. Looking forward to v0.09.

Update: Currently the most up-to-date version 0.0.9 has fixed the above issue.

Sending Chinese SMS on iPhone

Two Talented gurus have created an individual SMS application for Chinese people who own an iPhone. Even if both can’t solve the chinese input problem completely, they DO help a lot to those chinese SMS heavy users like me. Much appreciated. Now let’s take a look.

One is from HK and the app names ChinSMS. The latest build is ChinSMS0.52.pxl, which supports multiple input methods by which both SC and TC characters can be entered.

The other is from mainland and called weSMS. The latest is WeSmsv0.2.1.fixed.7.2.pxl. Designed and developped by and for the mainland, WeSms can also write the sent sms into the iPhone’s private SMS DB.

Both are still in developping, so check their sites often for the most updated version.

For now I installed both. I like the way ChinSMS sorts contact which makes me easily add them into ‘To’ field and the ability WeSms can write the sent sms into the native Sms DB which i can check my chinese sms very easily 🙂

Update(Oct.11,2007): Please check ChinSMS and weSMS for update. Both are keeping on improving all along.

Update(Jan.7,2008): I recommend you to install the system level Chinese input method iCosta so that not only can you send Chinese SMS but also you can input Chinese anywhere in the iphone apps like Note and Safari etc.