On 2.2.1 Now

Yesterday i’ve updated my iphone from firmware 2.2 to the latest firmware 2.2.1. Then JBed it by QuickPwn 2.5 by Dev-Team. Everything works fine, even several of my favorite 3rd-party apps for firmware 2.2 still can be able to be running very well, like iCosta 2.2 PinYin , OpenSSH + BossPref, and UCWeb 6.

2.2.1 is said to fix some bugs and make Safari more stable, well, that’s what they said. Perhaps one day of 2.2.1 experience is not enough for me to point it out.

iPhone 1.1.4 Fix: Safari Can’t Remember Password

 greader-remember me

For those iphoners who unlocked their iphones by iPlus, they should have the same problem as i do.

The reason is because the user ‘mobile’ under which Safari is running has no permission to save the cookies.

And the fix is pretty easy, run chmod -R 777 /private/var/mobile/Library/Cookies on the iphone by Term-v100 or Putty.

Source: Hackint0sh.

On Fully Functional 1.1.4 Now

The reason i decided to update my iphone is as below:

1. the unlock works for sure.
2. the newly updated iCosta 1.1.0 supports 1.1.4 now.
3. of course 1.1.4 has some improvements as well. Personally what i’m interested is the one about cell signal.
And here’s the steps i did. In all, pretty easy and smooth.

1.Use iTunes to sync your iphone and make sure everything backuped. Then Shift+Restore to 1.1.4.
2.Download iPlus 1.2 and International Pack. Credit goes to aviegas.
3.Unzip the iPlus1.2.zip to your local harddisk, say c:\iplus1.2. Rename the existed payload.zip to payload-zip.bak. Then copy the downloaded payload_international.zip to c:\iplus1.2 and rename it as payload.zip.
4. Go to c:/iplus1.2 under command line and then run iplus -u. After couple of reboot and boom, the iphone has been activated, jailbroken and unlocked!!
5. Launch iTunes and restore back all of your original settings. and you are done!!

So for now I’m on 1.1.4 now, both firmware and baseband. And i checked youtube, google maps and Settings as well. All works fine. Last but least, i saw the cell signal. So, are you gonna stay where you are or go to 1.1.4 next?

Fix: Customize Doesn’t Work On 1.1.2

If you are in iphone firmware 1.1.2 and wanna re-arrange the icons of springboard via Customize, you may find you can’t for now, ‘coz Customize will crash at the booting spicychicken screen. There’s a lot of bugs reporting this as well.

Actually it’s a permission issue, just set the executable’s permission to 4755 will fix it. You can make it either by WinSCP or other terminal client like Putty. As to the latter, here’s the command line:

chmod 4755 /Applications/Customize.app/Customize

If still failed, try a reset or reboot.

NativeCn: One More Chinse IME For iPhone

NativeCn is another chinese input method for iphone. It works only under fw 1.1.1 as said. Most latest build is 1.0.1 beta.

Compared with iCosta which i use in my iphone(1.0.2), NativeCn has more input methods  like Traditional Chinese(繁体), Guangdong(粤语) even Japanese.

Installation steps:
1. Download NativeCn_1.01.zip;
2. Extract then copy the folder to iphone’s folder: Applications/
3. Set the execute permission by running:
cd /Applications/NativeCn.app

chmod +x ncn

The installer.app installation is under developing.

Since my ff is 1.0.2 then i haven’t got the chance to take a try on NativeCn yet. And i’m sure i will later, after an upgrade to 1.1.1.

Reset Password for iPhone

Now everyone knows your iPhone’s root password ‘dottie’. Considering the issue of security and privacy, you are encouraged to change it ASAP.

Don’t worry, it’s very simple and easy:

  1. download the tool ‘password‘ from here. 25KB. by Drunkdwarf.
  2. copy ‘password‘ to your iPhone’s ‘/bin‘ directory by WinSCP or PuTTY via SSH. Don’t forget to allow you to ‘execute’ it: chmod +x /bin/password or WinSCP’s Properties dialog to check that option.
  3. Launch ‘password‘ under command window. Either use PuTTY, or MobileTerminal.
  4. Enter your new password twice and you are done.

Tutorial:How To Skip iPhone Activation on Windows

So far most of the hacking tools are based on Mac other than Windows. So something which may be pretty easy, i guess, on Mac, are not so easy at all on Windows,  like copy file from your computer to iPhone, esp for those who are not so skilled people.

OK, back to the topic. Actually iPhone activation has been completely hacked by the talented hackers on iPhone Dev Wiki. See the words from their page:

Once jailbraked, iphone can be patched to skip activations at all.
All you need is to apply the patch below to file /usr/libexec/lockdownd and write it back to phone.
The patch sets ActivationState to FactoryActivated and no more activation requests. You can see iPhoneInterface log:

iPhoneInterface v0.3.1 built on Jul 14 2007
Waiting for phone... established.
iPhone state: FactoryActivated

So, actually, the tutorial is about how to copy files from Windows to your iPhone 🙂  Anyway, let’s get it started.

Step 1: Download PSCP (an SCP client, i.e. command-line secure file copy) from here. Save it anywhere in your local directory, say “c:\phonedmg”;

Step 2: Setup SSH on iPhone by following the instructions of The first 10 steps to modding the iPhone, except the part about WinSCP now that it won’t works any more.

Step 3: Connect your iPhone to your Windows. No iTuens needed.

Step 4: Download the prepatched file from iPhone Dev Wiki provided link(which also included the tool by which you can edit the binary file, totally 1.94MB) or directly from my hosted here(the prepatched file only,379KB).
Save and extract the file to “c:\phonedmg” and rename ‘lockdownd.hacked’ to ‘lockdownd’.

Step 5: Backup your original ‘lockdownd’ file from iPhone to your computer by running the following command: pscp -scp root@YOURiPhoneIP:/usr/libexec/lockdownd lockdownd.old. You can get YOURiPhoneIP from your iPhone->Settings->Wi-Fi..You can see mine is If you haven’t change your root’s password yet, type “dottie” when your are asked for.

Step 6: Upload the prepatched ‘lockdownd’ to iPhone to replace the old one. Here’s the command: pscp -scp lockdown root@YOURiPhoneIP:/usr/libexec/lockdownd.
Here’s the screenshot(click to enlarge):

Skip iPhone Activation Completely

Step 7: Reboot your iPhone. And you are done. Enjoy.

From the following pictrue you can see the file ‘lockdownd’ has been modified and updated.

iPhone Activation Skipped.

BTW, the SSH client in the above picture is PuTTY. See my last post for details.


Update(Feb 4th,2008): You can use the elite team’s iPatcher to patch the original lockdownd to skip the activation step(download link) for any firmware version less than 1.1.3. For 1.1.3, check out George’s post for more details.

Don forget to backup your original lockdownd first.

Update(Jun.12,2008): Things have changed a lot. For now please turn to iLiberty+ or iplus to do the activation and other hacking jobs. They both work pretty well.

Use PuTTY to Connect to iPhone on Windows by SSH

Before this post, I tried WinSCP as the SSH client mentioned by How to install Secure Shell (SSH) in HackTheiPhone. At the first time, it did works. But later when i wanna try to run some hacks, WinSCP can never connect to iPhone any more. Here’s what it says all the time:

WinSCP Error

I decide to find a replacement.

I googled around and soon i found one called by PuTTY created by Simon Tatham. “PuTTY (the Telnet and SSH client itself) ” — Download Link(444KB).”

After downloading, I connect my iPhone with my laptop(IBM-T40, Windows XP Sp2). Then I launched PuTTY. After typing into my iPhone’s ip address, PuTTY soon found my iPhone and asked for user and password. I gave them to it and then it immediately connected to iPhone successfully. And here’s the screenshot:
PuTTY On iPhone

Cool, isn’t it?! 😀

Update: For some reason, WinSCP works now. One more choice, isnt’ it 🙂

Update(Dec.25,2007): When you cannot connect with iphone via WinSCP, please double check:

1. if you enter iphone’s IP address correct or not
Sometime, for my own experience, the IP from Settings->Wifi is NOT CORRECT. I have to get the right one from my router’s client connection list.

2. if iphone’s SSH Server is running or not
Most of time it is running, if you don’t do too much to your iphone. Anyway, you can check by this cool application – sysInfo.

Update(Mar.26,2008): get your exact iphone’s IP address by running ifconfig under Term-v100 or Putty. If WinScp cannot connect to the iPhone for the first time, give it another try. Sometime it’s caused by the time SSH uses to generate the key beyoned the default time Winscp uses to establish the connection. The second try will fix it.