A New Theme

I’ve been using whiteasmilk theme on this blog for a long time. I myself do love those kinda simple but classical themes,you know, text-centered, very few colors, eye-friendly fonts etc, just like whiteasmilk.

However, in order to make this blog a little bit ‘holiday’ with the coming long National Day Holidays, I decide to get a new theme for celebration.

That’s why you see Redtopia, my final choice after hours of googling and testing.

The big/small roses are for the country’s 60 birthday. The main red-only color seems just in time for my celebration purpose. So that’s it.

Hope you enjoy it as i do.

WPtouch – The Coolest WP Theme for mobile

Just happened to get this new theme from the admin page by the part of plugins->most popular. After a little bit playground I think it deserves a new post to recommend to my readers.

Official website is here. And the latest version is to WP for its very charming feature of installing/upgrading the plugin in the admin page directly. Very nice.)

Below is what this site looks like in the iPhone’s safari browser.


I don have other mobile devices like gPhone or Blackberry, so don know how it performs in that devices. It does look quite nice at least in the iphone.

Besides, it loads fast and the user experience of the whole ajax-powered interface does make me very satisfied. Not mention its very nice feature of allowing the reader to switch between the regular lookings and wptouch version. Really cool, isn’t it?

I should say, with wptouch, time to say goodbye to my long-used iwphone plugin.

Comment Email Responder and iWPhone

If you are looking for an WP plugin by which your reply to the comment on your blog will be automatically sent to the comment owner, you know, to keep you and your valuable reader connected, then Comment Email Responder is just for you.

Comment Email Responder

Another is iWPhone, by which your wordpress blog will be more iphone-friendly. Here’s what my blog looks like. Nice, eh? Can’t wait to get it? ok, visit here for downloading and installation instructions.

my iwphoned blog

Both free plugins work pretty well in my blog. I love them so much. And very appreciate the authors’ good work and love to give them a big thumb up - http://www.cool-names.net.