On Fully Functional 1.1.4 Now

The reason i decided to update my iphone is as below:

1. the unlock works for sure.
2. the newly updated iCosta 1.1.0 supports 1.1.4 now.
3. of course 1.1.4 has some improvements as well. Personally what i’m interested is the one about cell signal.
And here’s the steps i did. In all, pretty easy and smooth.

1.Use iTunes to sync your iphone and make sure everything backuped. Then Shift+Restore to 1.1.4.
2.Download iPlus 1.2 and International Pack. Credit goes to aviegas.
3.Unzip the iPlus1.2.zip to your local harddisk, say c:\iplus1.2. Rename the existed payload.zip to payload-zip.bak. Then copy the downloaded payload_international.zip to c:\iplus1.2 and rename it as payload.zip.
4. Go to c:/iplus1.2 under command line and then run iplus -u. After couple of reboot and boom, the iphone has been activated, jailbroken and unlocked!!
5. Launch iTunes and restore back all of your original settings. and you are done!!

So for now I’m on 1.1.4 now, both firmware and baseband. And i checked youtube, google maps and Settings as well. All works fine. Last but least, i saw the cell signal. So, are you gonna stay where you are or go to 1.1.4 next?


We all know iPhone’s multi-touch technology based user interface, but can you imagine what a ‘bigger version’ will look like? 😉

Well, check out this video.

Awesome, isn’t it?

It does remind me of something similar: Microsoft Surface. Tons of videos could be found in YouTube. and here’s one of them.

So, A whole new chapter in user experience is coming. And I’m ready to say ‘Cheers!’.

My Most-wanted After Unlock.

1. call-in volumn too low
I now use either speaker or earphone.

2.bluetooth doesn’t work well
I tried in firmware 1.0.1. At that time, my friend’s Nokia N70 can find my iphone with its bluetooth enable.
When comes to 1.0.2, N70 can’t find iphone any more.
I googled around. And got nothing confirmed.

3.chinese input
I’m in beijing, china, don forget that.

4.youtube issue
‘error playing video’ needs to be fixed completely.

YouTube Failed in iPhone

First, I m in Beijing, China.

Second, there’s no EDGE here(even if iPhone could be unlocked).

Third, my iPhone activated through DVD Jon‘s hack can surf the web via wifi in both home and office.

I’ve googled around for the clause, but got little.

One possible reason is that YouTube needs EDGE. Only can YouTube work under EDGE?! I doubt that.

Another reason is about how iPhone is activted. It’s said Jon’s hack that disable YouTube function. To be confirmed so far. Leave a message if you know something,please.

Update (Sep.15):
1. Beijing does has EDGE service which is still in trial.
2. YouTube works or not has nothing to do with the way iphone connects to internet.
After a little hack my YouTube now can do everything except playing the video in both WiFi and EDGE mode.